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27. august, 2021
Why use other plugins with premium subscription like Duplicator which doesn't clone page on my other WordPress website after new update with subscription. This plugin is absolutely the best free plugin. You may add "Donate" and I'm surely people will donate any small amount for the effort you did. Stay humble developing free plugins. I have seen your profile with great experience. Keep up the good work!
8. mars, 2021
I only recently discovered this plugin and am already finding it a must-have, especially with the Block Editor's ability to create complex layouts and pages. Works just fine with pages and posts, the only niggle is it doesn't add the word clone or copy to the title of the copied post, which would make it easier to spot. Still 5 stars, though.
7. desember, 2020
I have the free Kadence theme and the latest version of WordPress installed. I installed this plugin to clone a post I created because the layout I used could be used repeatedly for future posts. I clicked the clone button of the post I liked and when I went to edit the cloned post it never brings up an editor. It's just a white screen. I tried it with more than one post but the results were always the same. It simply doesn't work. Too bad. I like the idea of simplicity, but at the end of the day, it's about results.
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