WPC Mystery Box for WooCommerce


WPC Smart Mystery Box is a brand-new way of grouping selective or random products in your online store and selling them as a surprise box to customers, in which they are unknown of what they will receive until the box is opened.

WPC Smart Mystery Box allows users to put multiple products from different sources as assortments of the box and arrange them to craft an irresistible offer. With the added sense of surprised delight, customers are encouraged to purchase the mystery box to get one or more items from the list as the rewards for taking the risk of purchasing such blind packages. Mystery boxes emphasize on the psychology of human curiosity, imagination, and excitement, thus, they can increase the conversion rate for your business.

By cross-bundling fast-moving products or exclusive items with slow-moving or excess inventory ones into mystery boxes, sellers can reduce the burden of inventory costs, convert more visitors into potential customers while still boosting the sales and order values at the same time. Well-planned mystery boxes also facilitate in boosting organic brand visibility and social proof among current customers.

Main Benefits

  • Sell excess inventory products faster
  • Help product cross-promotion
  • Boost order value effectively
  • Increase brand awareness & social proof
  • Convert more potential customers

Key Features

  • Allow multiple products into the same assortment
  • Unlimited assortments for each box, drag & drop to rearrange
  • Free sources: Products – select products and manually add to assortments
  • Configure number of items to be picked & quantity of each item per assortment
  • Arrange products by priority: Random, High to low or Low to high stock, As above
  • Necessary level: Normal, Required or Lucky
  • Duplicate assortment settings or remove with 1 click
  • Customize display price and above/under text for better clarification
  • Customizable position: Above or Under Add to Cart button or Hide the list
  • Exclude hidden products from the list
  • Show/Hide quantity, image, availability & price of products
  • Link to individual products: in a new or same tab, in a Quick View popup or not
  • Allow or disallow to be purchased alongside other products
  • Restrict some payment methods in the Checkout
  • Show/hide assortment products from the order details/confirmation
  • Localization tab for translating texts & phrases
  • Integrated and highly compatible with a wide range of WPClever plugins
  • Compatible with most common WordPress themes and WooCommerce add-ons
  • PREMIUM: Multiple sources – categories, tags, brands, collections, types, visibility, shipping classes, attributes, etc. for pulling products in bulk
  • PREMIUM: Lifetime plugin updates & 1-year Premium support

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  1. Please make sure that you installed WooCommerce
  2. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select «Add New»
  3. Search for «WPC Mystery Box», Install & Activate it
  4. Now when you create/edit a product you can choose product data is «Smart mystery box», then add many assortments as you want
  5. Almost done! click Save and see the result


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  • Added: Filter hook ‘wpcmb_separately’
  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Updated: Compatible with WP 6.5 & Woo 8.9


  • Updated: Compatible with WP 6.4 & Woo 8.7


  • Updated: Compatible with WP 6.4 & Woo 8.5


  • Updated: Optimized the code


  • Fixed: Processing form data without nonce verification


  • Released