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18. oktober, 2018
It is a good plugin and the support team are responsive and try hard. But English is clearly not their first language, so when asking for support, you need to be extremely clear. Keep it simple and statement based. Almost every one of my support requests has resulted in having to simplify and break statements down into extremely detailed statements. Also some people seem to be unfamiliar with the product, because they don’t seem to know what some components are at first. Ironically, they don’t seem to use their own help desk system for support. At least, not any more.
9. august, 2018 1 reply
We're really bending this plugin to fit our needs. It's made for support ticketing, but we're using it for assignments and an instructor/student feedback channel. They've been great with their support in getting us there.
2. august, 2018 1 reply
The team behind this plugin shows a remarkable responsiveness to feature addition request. I suggested two new features (being able to start the ticket count at a chosen number; user-initiated ticket closures), and they have implemented both of them, and not only that, but also followed up with me to let me know once they were implemented. Very impressive. Thank you!
26. juli, 2018 1 reply
Great product, The real gem is the support that comes with the product. No run around, just straight raw 100% on the money support in a timely manner.
29. juni, 2018 1 reply
Started using WSDesk about 5 months ago and could not have had a better plugin. Even the support team is fantastic. With each version I only see more exciting features each time.
25. juni, 2018 1 reply
The big worry when purchasing a paid plugin is always concerning support. Every plugin promises it but many don't deliver, or are very slow in responding and this can be incredibly frustrating. We purchased WSDesk to professionalize out training website. It would be pretty ironic if help-desk support software was not well supported but we took the chance. A few issues arose early on in implementation which were born from our own stupidity mostly but we requested support and GOT IT 🙂 Happy days!! We found ESDesk support to be both responsive, helpful and to the point. Wonderful! Thank you. I would recommend this plugin.
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