Oslo WP Meetup Slack meeting Thursday, August 10th 2017

Meeting was held in the open #oslo-meetup channel on the WordPress Norge Slack August 10th, 2017 at 20:00 UTC+2.

Attending: Scott Basgaard (scottbasgaard), Vincent Hasselgård (vincenthasselgard), Andreas Hatlem (hatlem), Thomas Audunhus (audunhus), Bjørn Johansen (bjornjohansen)


  • Meetup on Community Support
  • Next meetup
    • 2nd (or 3rd) presentation
    • Drinks/snacks/foods
  • Date(s) for September/October meetup(s)
  • Open floor

Meetup group ownership

  • Scott and Bjørn will meet/talk next week about migrating the Meetup group ownership to WordPress Community Support.

Next meetup speakers

  • It’s already decided that Audun will have a presentation (~30 minutes)
  • Peder Songedal is one of the first PECB certified data protection officers in Norway and it’s his full time job. Since his experience is that 3 hours may be a little short to give an introduction to GDPR, he has agreed to do a full Meetup presentation in September, but will for the Meetup the 24th present a short overview to explain people why they should come to that meetup.
  • Bjørn will do a short, max 15 min, presentation at the end about “WordPress security for the casual blogger or small business with little resources”. We should consider ending each Meetup with “quick tips you should know, but may not”.

Next meetup sponsors

  • CreativeAgency will sponsor beer, soda, snacks. We’ll talk later about getting hands to help carry from the shop to the venue.
  • Thomas will fix coffee

September meetup (GDPR themed)

  • Peder can these dates: 11.9, 12.9, 14.9, 19.9
  • We prefer the 19th, Vincent and Thomas will check available venues
  • Vincent got a venue that’s available the 12th
  • No decision on date is made as 19th is preferable. Thomas will check 14th and 19th.

October meetup

  • Thomas will check if we can book the venue for the last Thursday of every month for a year. The venue can be cancelled 7 days in advance. This will give us both a venue for every meetup and a date every month, so we can focus on other things. If Thomas’ venue isn’t available, Vincent thinks we can get a deal with Webgruppen.
  • October is e-commerce season, so we’ll do an e-commerce themed Meetup.

Sponsor list on Meetup.com

  • The sidebar doesn’t support all “current” + new sponsors.
  • We’ll use the sidebar for just sponsors who are sponsoring the next event.

Long term sponsors

  • There should be a pool where sponsors commit long-term.
  • For drinks and refreshments, we’ll have someone pay at the meetup and have it reimbursed from the sponsor
  • Thomas know some companies who might want to be sponsors
  • Andreas said that if someone buys soft drinks and snacks for 1000 NOK, CreativeAgency will buy beer for 1000 NOK
  • Soft drinks and snacks is important. Beer (and pizza) is a bonus.
  • We can possible have the “pizza & beer” sponsor slot open per meetup

#meetup, #oslo