WordCamp Oslo 2018 meeting, August 22nd 2017

The meeting was held in the open #WCOSLO channel on the WordPress Norge Slack August 12th, 2017 at 19:00 UTC+2.

Attending: Vincent Hasselgård (vincenthasselgard), Andreas Hatlem (hatlem), Thomas Audunhus (audunhus), Bjørn Johansen (bjornjohansen)


  1. Set the date for WordCamp Oslo 2018
  2. Initialise the organization
  3. Find possible venues
  4. Open floor

Set the date

  • November 2017, which was the initial suggestion was dropped in favor of early 2018.
  • Because of winter breaks and the Olympics being in February, the first weekend of March was set as the optimal date.
  • It was decided to have a two-day conference, with contributors day March 2nd and conference March 3rd.
  • The first weekend in February is backup until the venues have been booked etc.

Setting the organization

  • Thomas Audunhus will be the lead organizer of WordCamp Oslo 2018, as long as this gets approved by WPCS.
  • Bjørn Johansen and Andreas Hatlem volunteered
  • No other roles have been set, so far
  • Thomas Audunhus has sent the initial application to host WordCamp Oslo to WordPress Community Support.


  • There are a few different venue options, within the budget
  • Posthuset is one of them, and it’s confirmed to be available
  • Campus Kristiania is another option and is likely to be the cheapest option as we only have to cover the cost of cleaning etc.
  • Dekode will possibly be able and willing to host the contributor day in their new offices


  • Date and time for the next meeting will be discussed at the upcoming meetup in Oslo, August 24th.


The meeting was adjourned with style by Bjørn at 20:06 UTC+2



#oslo, #wordcamp