Meeting Agenda – WordCamp Oslo 2018 – Aug 29th 2017

The meeting will be held in the open #WCOSLO channel on the WordPress Norge Slack August 28th, 2017 at 20:00 UTC+2.


  1. WordCamp Application status
  2. Continue setting the organization
  3. Venue
  4. Sponsors
  5. Tracks
  6. Open floor

WordCamp Application status

Thomas Audunhus will give a brief status of WordCamp application which was sent to WordPress Community Support after the previous meeting. (

Setting the organization

We need to set an organization to ensure an effective process moving forward. WPCS has listed these responsibilities in their organizer handbook:

  • Venue logistics (including insurance)
  • Fundraising/sponsors
  • Budget/money handling
  • Speaker recruitment, selection
  • Food/beverage
  • Swag
  • Volunteer wrangling
  • Printing
  • Design (web, programs, shirts, signs, screensaver)
  • Website maintenance
  • Publicity
  • A/V
  • Afterparty
  • Speakers’ dinner/reception
  • Beginner courses
  • Transportation and travel details


Cheap is good, free is better. We need all hands on deck to find a good venue, preferably a free venue. Thomas Audunhus has sent a request to Sentralen, Felix konferansesenter and Oslo Kongressenter. Linda Granstad has mentioned that Campus Kristiania could be possible, with just at the cost of cleaning and reception.

Possible venues so far:


Without sponsors/fundraising, there won’t be a WordCamp Oslo. The sooner we can get a commitment from sponsors, the better. But, to get a commitment we probably need to be clear about the incentive(a.k.a sponsor packages).


We don’t have to decide whether to have one or two tracks just yet, but we should start the discussion about possible tracks/top-level topics, or how we should organize the tracks in general(à la carte maybe).

Possible tracks:

  • Norwegian / English
  • Website / eCommerce
  • Tech / Design
  • Inspiration / Tech


#wcoslo, #wordcamp