AR for WordPress


Augmented Reality for WordPress plugin is an all in one solution to allow you to present your 3D models in an interactive AR view directly in your browser on both iOS and Android devices.


  • Add New AR Models

  • List of AR Models

  • AR Model in desktop view

  • AR Model in fullscreen desktop view

  • AR Model in mobile view

  • AR Model in Augmented Reality view on mobile

  • AR Model in Augmented Reality view on mobile

  • AR Model in Object view on mobile

  • Subcription licence page


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and expand it
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the settings page to get started


What 3D model formats are supported?

AR for WordPress and AR for WooCommerce display your 3D models using an iOS App built using Apple’s ARkit software. This system supports the use of USDZ files for iOS and GLb/GLTF file formats for Android. You can also use DAE, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, PDF, PLY, STL, or Zipped versions of these files which will be automatically converted to GLB format.

Does it support Android and iOS?

Currently our system supports most iOS and Android devices. Viewing of the models is done directly in the browser and requires your site to have an SSL certificate (https://).


28. august, 2021
The plugin is pretty powerful and easy to use. I had some problems on iPhones and Nick was very quick in fixing it. He fixed the problem on our installation and also implemented the fix in the future version of the plugin, so no problem for future updates. 🙂 5 start plugin! Thanks a lot!
19. januar, 2019
Plugin causing lot's of PHP Errors after activating AR for WooCommerce
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Bidragsytere og utviklere

“AR for WordPress” er programvare med åpen kildekode. Følgende personer har bidratt til denne utvidelsen.



= 2.1.9=
* Added Fullscreen disable option to settings page
* Added support for Poster images when loading 3D models
* Moved dimensions to top left to avoid conflict with Thumbnails when viewing multiple models in one shortcode
* Fixed issue with dimensions checkbox hiding thumbnail slides
* Fixed issue with multiple model thumbnails and QR code button
* Improved CSS cursor pointers on 3D model viewer elements
* Added Copy function to AR Shortcode column in Model/Product list
* Improved admin page layout

= 2.1.8=
* Fixed conflict issue with Revolution Slider

= 2.1.7=
* Fixed issue with AR buttons conflicting with some themes

= 2.1.6=
* Added Upgrade Ribbon to Settings page
* Fixed issue with Licence key saving
* Improved shortcode examples display

= 2.1.5=
* Fixed issue with thumbnail slider changing ios src

= 2.1.4=
* Fixed issue with ar-view shortcode and AR View Hide setting

= 2.1.3=
* Prioritised Scene-viewer over WebXR to improve Android compatibility

= 2.1.2=
* QR Code fully functioning

= 2.1.1=
* QR Code showing blank issue fixed

= 2.1.0=
* QR Code image issue fixed to be loaded inline
* GLTF uploading issue resolved

= 2.0.9=
* Settings Saving issues fixed
* JS issues fixed

= 2.0.8=
* Display model dimensions options
* Multiple models in the one viewer
* Show/hide QR Code
* Show/Hide AR View button
* Shortcode to display QR Code anywhere on page
* Shortcode to display AR View Button anywhere on page
* Custom AR View button image file
* Custom QR Code logo image file
* Improved Settings page

= 2.0.7=
* Asset Builder – Improvements and additional models

= 2.0.6=
* Asset Builder – Improvements and additional models
* Function Consolidation

= 2.0.5=
* Asset Builder – Choose from ready made 3D models and add your own texture file to create a GLTF model on the fly

= 2.0.4=
* Support for zipped GLTF files Added
* Model conversion for DAE, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, PDF, PLY, STL, or Zipped versions of these files

= 2.0.3=
* Scaling Options Added

= 2.0.2=
* Fixed FullScreen Issues
* Skybox/Background Image support on Fullscreen mode
* Streamlined Licencing system

= 2.0.1=
* Improved Model Viewer display
* QR Code Implementation
* Fullscreen popup
* Variant Support

= 2.0.0=
*Total overhaul of plugin to include iOS and Android support directly in the browser
* No need for an app
* Use of Model Viewer with USDZ and GLB 3D model files


  • New Enhancement
  • Product Description is added for mobile app


  • New Enhancement
  • You can put AR thumbnail icon anywhere in post/page


  • New Enhancement
  • Allow to select model type of «2D Model» or «3D Model»
  • If 2D model then Allow to generate 3D box(3D Model) automatically of given width, height, depth, format
  • If 3D model then Allow to upload 3D model


  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor CSS + JS improvements


  • First Official Launch Version