Verktøysamling for sidebygging med Gutenberg – EditorsKit


EditorsKit gir en samling med blokk-alternativer og verktøy for det nye Gutenberg-redigeringsverktøyet i WordPress.

Du kan nå ha bedre kontroll, tekstformater, stil og arbeidsflyt ved bare å nyttiggjøre deg av verktøyene i EditorsKit-utvidelsen.

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Rik teksformater

EditorsKit legger også til de manglende tekstformatene for bedre innholdsproduksjon. De følgende rik tekstformatene er tilgjengelig ved aktivering av utvidelsen:

  • Lenker med relasjon ikke-følg- og sponset-attributt
  • Farger for uthevet tekst eller overskrift
  • Bakgrunnsfarge for uthevet tekst
  • Tilbakestill formateringsalternativer
  • Strukket justering for avsnitt
  • Underline Text Format
  • Hevet skrift
  • Senket skrift
  • Rykk inn avsnitt, overskrift eller liste
  • Uppercase Text Transform
  • Images and Embeds Caption Alignment
  • Hardt mellomrom
  • Abbreviation for acronyms
  • Sett inn spesialtegn

Glyphs and Special Characters

Insert special characters and symbols on Gutenberg editor at ease. Special characters are categorized and you can use the search field to find specific symbol.

Markdown Support

Starting EditorsKit 1.6 , you can now use markdowns on Gutenberg editor while typing. Markdowns for *bold*, _italic_ and ~strikethrough~ are available upon plugin activation. Lists of available markdowns are also accessible on the settings menu.

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Using EditorsKit you will have the following visibility control in order to manage and display better contents.

  • Vis eller skjul Gutenberg-blokker på skrivebordskjerm, nettbrett og mobile enheter
  • Synlighet basert på om brukeren er logget inn eller ikke
  • Tilpasset visningslogikk basert på PHP-betingelser
  • Vis eller skjul Gutenberg-blokker basert på Avanserte egendefinerte felter (ACF)-verdier

Anslått lesetid

Word count is already available on Gutenberg editor. EditorsKit then extend this word count and display estimated count as well. Using roughly 275 word per minute plus additional calculations based on image blocks, you can display better estimated reading time on your posts and pages.

Powered by shortcode you can display the Estimated Reading Time on your content by using the code below.

[editorskit display="wordcount" before="Reading Time: " after=" min"]
  • before : Text or element you want to display before reading time.
  • after : Text or element you want to display after reading time.
  • tag : default div : Html tag container
  • fallback : set value to ‘true’ to display PHP based wordcount on old posts that are not edited or created through Gutenberg

Hjelpelinjer for blokker

EditorsKit features other tool aside from visibility management. With the new Block Guide Lines, you can easily toggle visible guide lines on title and each editor blocks in order to check the element boundaries. This feature will also help your workflow on handling nested blocks.

Copy and Paste Selected Blocks

Easily copy single or multiple selected blocks then paste across the website or separate website using CMD + V, CTRL + V or paste right click option.

Image and Cover Block Styles

Comes with selection of styles on Cover and Image Block for custom shapes and layouts such as diagonal, circular and rounder corners; and even add drop shadows.

List Block Additional Styles

Provides the following additional styling for list block:

  • Checked List
  • Pil
  • Krysset
  • Tilkoblet
  • Stjernemerket
  • Stiplet
  • Ingen

Responsive Text Alignment

Easily change text alignment per devices. This will help you provide different alignment view on mobile and tablet devices aside from the existing option for desktop.

Full Height Screen Option

Easily display selected blocks as full screen layout by toggling «Full Screen Height» option under the advanced panel. You’ll instantly have beautiful hero section by just using core blocks.

Slå på eller av auto-lagring

Easily toggle Auto Saving to fix several lagging issues or prevent your website from being blacklisted on your webhost provider.

Veksle synlighet for tittel

Easily hide post, page or any post type’s title on your website in just a click. This will enable you to create full Gutenberg editor’s driven posts and pages without getting «(No Title)» on your admin dashboard.

Block Import and Export

Export each block or selected blocks and reusable blocks directly on the editor, no need to navigate to separate admin dashboard. Then drag and drop exported JSON file on the editor and it will automatically be transformed into Gutenberg blocks, same goes with reusable blocks.

Better Custom CSS Class(es)

Huge improvement on Additional CSS Class(es) option! EditorsKit provides better UI with classes suggestions while typing. Powered with custom PHP filter, theme developers can include custom Utility Classes for more customization options.

Sett bildeblokk som fremhevet bilde

Enable selected image block to be set as featured image easily using the block settings dropdown.

Drag and Drop Featured Image Upload

Easily upload or change featured image on Gutenberg editor by dragging and dropping image on Featured Image sidebar panel.

Code Editor Mode Syntax Highlighter

Improve display when on «Code Editor Mode». Powered by WordPress default CodeMirror library, Code Editor will be displayed with code syntax highlights and you will easily check each elements and if there are any errors on your HTML codes.

Media and Text Block Link and Card Layout Option

Assign custom link to Image on Media and Text Block. Add custom, media or attachment link easily. You can also set open to new tab, add no follow and/or set link to the whole block. Additionally, you can set Media and Text Block to display as card layout with option to set image on top or bottom. Integrated perfectly with the toolbar layour selection.

Legg til lenke for omslags-, gruppe og kolonneblokk

Assign link to cover, group and column blocks at ease with option to enable link attributes like open to new tab, apply nofollow and/or sponsored rel value. Additionally, you can enable the extra option to apply hover animation.


EditorsKit adds the missing keyboard shortcuts from Classic Editor. When activated you can use the following shortcuts to easily save time and improve writing workflow.

  • CTRL + ALT + 1 : Heading 1
  • CTRL + ALT + 2 : Heading 2
  • CTRL + ALT + 3 : Heading 3
  • CTRL + ALT + 4 : Heading 4
  • CTRL + ALT + 5 : Heading 5
  • CTRL + ALT + 6 : Heading 6
  • CTRL + ALT + c : Align center
  • CTRL + ALT + r : Align right
  • CTRL + ALT + l : Align left
  • CTRL + ALT + j : Justify
  • CMD + SHIFT + . : Select Parent Block


Display «Block Navigator» on block that can contain multiple child blocks. Available on Columns Block and Group Block.

UI and User Experience Improvements

Improve interface and provide better writing experience.

Kopier og lim inn tilpassede gradienter

Easily copy custom gradient colors to your clipboard and paste them anywhere. You can also select CopyGradients available combinations and easily paste the colors to Cover and Button blocks.


Enable or disable EditorsKit features using «EditorsKit Settings» menu. This will give you full control over the plugin features and let you disable the features that you don’t need on your website.

Theme Supports for Developers

EditorsKit is moving towards being developer friendly as well. Starting version 1.5, custom theme_supports were added to provide theme developers option to make Gutenberg block editing experience for their users match the frontend display. Learn more here.

Accessible Help, Tips and Tricks

Add help, tips and tricks button on the bottom right side of the editor to help users discover several helpful power tips and shortcuts. These tips will definitely improve your workflow and save time navigating the new block editor.

ShareABlock block

Insert your downloads from easily using this block. Browse through your block patterns and templates then add them to your content in just a click.

Helping you with the new Gutenberg Editor

EditorsKit is created to help you navigate through the new editor. Each new features will make your page building more convenient and easier. You can help achieving this goal through the community:

Kontakt og takk til

EditorsKit er vedlikeholdt og utviklet av Jeffrey Carandang.


  • Tekst- og uthevet-farger
  • Gutenberg Editor Rik teksformater
  • Responsive and User Logged-in State Visibility
  • Blokkinnnstillinger
  • Image and Cover Block Styles
  • Innstillinger og alternativer
  • Custom Classes Utility and Auto Suggestions
  • Code Editor Mode Syntax Highlighter
  • Drag and Drop Featured Image Upload
  • Link rel attributes nofollow and sponsored option


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  3. Det var det hele. Jeg håper du vil like denne utvidelsen 🙂


8. juli, 2020
I am new to WP, but I am sure that too much plugin material is not a good way for my system. This is a part that I need and that works and is nice and clear.
2. juli, 2020
Unless you design every single page on your site with a page builder, EditorsKit is an absolute must! I love Gutenberg, but it lacks several important pieces (i.e. mobile response settings), which EditorsKit provides. Do yourself a favor and install EditorsKit. I promise, you'll be glad you did.
30. juni, 2020
So far the EditorsKit appears to be doing what its supposed to be doing. I really haven't had any problems and it gives me options I wouldn't normally have.
30. juni, 2020
this plugin provides everything that is missing in the default block editor. thank you for developing it!
19. juni, 2020
It fixes all my problems with WordPress new Gutenberg block editor. All the features and options missed from the old editor, and some new ones are here. Wordpress should include this plugin in their official release.
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  • New: Add ndash and mdash
  • Fixes and compatibility with Gutenberg Plugin
  • Fixes and compatibility with thirdy party plugin


  • New: Add new preview mode with shortcut using CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + P. #264 🎊
  • Fixes: Compatibility fixes for upcoming WordPress 5.4 🐛


  • New: Gradient picker copy and paste controls. #264 🎊
  • Fixes: Compatibility with new Gutenberg plugin UI and block guide lines. #265


  • New: Special Characters Inserter Format. #254 🎊
  • New: Heading and alignment keyboard shortcuts. #262🎉
  • Tweaks: Add more compatibility changes for Gutenberg plugin
  • Fixes: Prevent error when switching to Code Editor using keyboard shortcut. #255


  • New: New ShareABlock block. #251🎉
  • New: New ‘dashed’ list block style. #252
  • Tweaks: Use three empty paragraph to show shortcut for spacer block transform instead of four.
  • Tweaks: Few more compatibility with Gutenberg plugin







  • Tweaks: Add new features to Features Manager






  • Fixes: Resolve issue with Code Editor mode changes not reflecting when switching to to Visual Editor mode






  • New: Copy single or muliple selected blocks and paste anywhere 🎊
  • New: Caption Alignment for images, galleries and embed blocks 🎉


  • New: Estimated Reading Time 🎊
  • New: Media and Text Block card layout option 🎊
  • New: Block Navigator on Columns and Group Block 🎉
  • Improvement: Add ‘sponsored’ rel attributes option on Media and Text Block link
  • Improvement: Prevent menu and tools link overlap when there are lots of menu
  • Fixes: Few other 🐛 cleanup for errors and Gutenberg compatibility


  • New: Link format noFollow rel attribute option 🎊
  • New: Link format sponsored rel attribute option 🎉
  • Improvement: Helper filter for Block Lab plugin support
  • Fixes: Fix Chrome overlapping metabox issue
  • Fixes: Few other 🐛 cleanup


  • New: Drag and Drop Featured Image Upload 🎊
  • New: Add Toolbar to Media and Text Block to Add Custom Link to Image or Whole Block 🎉
  • New: Media and Text Block Link no follow and open to new tab toggle 🎉
  • Improvement: Add background on block drag and drop for better UI
  • Fixes: Clean up 🐛


  • New: Add option to set Image Block as Featured Image 🎊
  • New: View Heading Block label for better content writing 🎉
  • Improvement: Change URL Popover «Open in New Tab» alignment for lesser mouse movement
  • Improvement: Add POT string translations for both PHP and JS text
  • Fixes: Improve performance and clean up 🐛
  • Fixes: Compatibility and fixes for Gutenberg version 6.4.0


  • Improvement: Convert process to wp-scripts for WordPress Gutenberg standard
  • Improvement: Ability to hide «Responsive Panel»
  • Fixes: Prevent issues with third party plugin’s settings page
  • Fixes: Compatibility and fixes for Gutenberg version 6.3.0


  • New: Add Code Syntax Highlighting when on Code Editor Mode 🎊
  • New: Add «View Custom Fields» option to easily scroll down to Custom Fields area 🎉
  • Fixes: Prevent display bug when Editor Height is toggled on
  • Fixes: More compatibility fixes for the latest Gutenberg plugin


  • New: Editor Height Option to set editor min-height to 100% of the viewport 🎊
  • Improvement: Only load editorskit scripts on admin pages that are running Gutenberg
  • Improvement: Do not automatically disable Auto Saving after plugin activation
  • Improvement: Extended support for Block Lab Plugin with editorskit_blocklab_classname() helper function
  • Fixes: Prevent error from third-party plugins for REST API missing attributes
  • Fixes: More compatibility fixes for the latest Gutenberg plugin


  • Improvement: Add ek- identifier for custom Utility Classnames
  • Improvement: Extended support for Block Lab attributes
  • Fixes: Prevent issues on REST API from blocks added via PHP register_block_type


  • New: Custom Utility Classes and Class(es) Suggestions 🎉
  • Improvement: Add editorskit-title-hidden body class when title is hidden
  • Improvement: Add Text and Highlight Colors to Features Manager
  • Fixes: Exclude ‘core/nextpage’ block to visibility option ( )
  • Fixes: Compatibility fixes for new Gutenberg plugin version


  • New: Image and Cover Block Styles ( circular, diagonal, rounded corners and shadow ) 🎉
  • New: Full Screen Height toggle option 🎉
  • Improvement: Add responsive panel with display settings to show/hide blocks on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improvement: Change logged-in user state to toggle options with descriptions
  • Improvement: Show title on search and menu item even hidden toggle is active
  • Fixes: Compatibility fixes for new Gutenberg plugin version


  • New: Block Import and Export ( ) 🎉
  • Improvement: Better UI for Text Color and Highlighter
  • Fixes: Gutenberg 5.9+ compatibility fixes
  • Fixes: Fix ACF on advanced visibility tab issue


  • Fixes: Bug fix for new reusable block name «core/template» and block options


  • Fixes: Conflict with custom post type and hidden title feature :


  • New: Gutenberg Editor Markdown Support 🎊
  • New: Clear Formatting Options 🎉
  • New: Subscript, Superscript and Uppercase Text Formats 🎉
  • New: Toggle Title Visibility Option 🎉
  • New: EditorsKit Features Manager 🎊
  • Add: Freemius Insights
  • Compatibility: Disable duplicate formats when JetPack or CoBlocks is active
  • Fixes: Shortcode Block Compatibility Bugs
  • Fixes: Remove EditorsKit id instance for other plugin’s compatibility
  • Fixes: Conflict with Thrive Comments plugin( )


  • New: Highlighted Text or Heading Colors 🎉
  • New: Highlighted Text Background Color 🎉
  • New: Paragraph Justify Alignment 🎉
  • New: Enable or Disable Auto Save 🎊
  • New: editorskit-template-block-sizes and editorskit-genesis-layout-block-sizes theme supports 🎊


  • Add new Underline Text Format 🎉
  • Fix issue with Classic Block Conversion to Blocks


  • Fix button CSS issue on modal popup for older Gutenberg version


  • Block Guide Lines Compatibility for old version


  • Rebranded to EditorsKit
  • Improve UI and UX
  • Add new Block Guide Lines feature
  • Fix issue with Advance Custom Fields Plugin visibility
  • Rewrite for better Gutenberg support


  • Fix issue with latest Gutenberg version


  • Fix issue with column styling


  • Fix classes duplicate


  • Add fixes for Gutenberg 3.7 issue and deprecated functions


  • Add fixes for ACF Pro integration
  • Fixes for deprecated variables


  • Add ACF Support for managing visibilities based on specific field value and conditions


  • Upgrade API and fix issues with Gutenberg 3.1


  • Fix issues with other Gutenberg plugins, options not saving
  • Add support for inner column blocks
  • Add option to hide descriptions for adept users to minimize section content


  • Initial Block Options for Gutenberg Plugin release