Custom Tables – Effortless Create, Read, Update, Delete


Unlock Custom Data Structures and Dynamic Layouts with Custom Tables

Take your WordPress site to the next level with Custom Tables, a powerful plugin that lets you create custom database tables, fields, and layouts. With its versatility and flexibility, you can build anything from catalogs to edit forms, detail pages, and more.

Key Features:

Twig Template Language Support: Create dynamic layouts with ease using the modern Twig template language.
24 Field Types: Choose from Integer, Decimal, Text String, Date, Email, Color, Image, and more to create complex data structures.
Layout Editor: Simplify layout creation with the Auto-Create button, which generates a layout based on your table fields.
Secure and Sanitized: All tables are stored in MySQL, with queries and field values properly sanitized for added security.


More information

Visit for more information, take a look at wiki.


  • «Create Table» screen
  • «Add Fields» screen
  • «Add Custom Tables Block» screen
  • «Select Layout Type and Table» screen


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  • CustomTables Block


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30. mars, 2024 1 svar
Excellent for Custom Data CRUD Easily displayed custom data reports on my WordPress site quickly. Very organized component, built reports without relying too much on docs. Awesome GitHub support, easy to report issues. Well-documented with clear instructions covering everything. Used it to display reports of custom data views on my website. Keep up the great work! Overall, an impressive WordPress plugin for effortlessly creating and managing custom data displays/reports.
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Block property panel: Layout selection depends on the Type.
Field names may include uppercase characters.


CSV file import feature added to the List of Records page.


The following field types have been added: User Group, User Groups, User Author (record author), File Link, Log, Auto-increment ID, Color, and Google Maps (GPS coordinates).


New field types added: File, Blob, Creation Time, Change Time, MD5, and Virtual.


Image field type added.


Date method bugs fixed.


Layout Auto Create feature added.


CT Library updated, and the main plugin file renamed – fixed activation bug.


Date Time Field type option added. DatePicker replaced with DateTimePicker for enhanced functionality.


Twig Library updated, CT Library updated.
Date Field type added.
CSS style class file loads properly. Field type property null check added.


{{ html.captcha() }} Twig Tag has been added.


First public WordPress plugin release.