Dynamic Time


A simple calendar-based timecard and timesheet solution. Record hours & notes on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedules, including automatic overtime calculations. Dynamic Time is mobile compatible and integrates with WordPress users.

Special Features

  • Automatic overtime calculations, configurable by user, even across pay periods
  • Multiple punches per day, including notes
  • Fully configurable pay periods
  • Approval process between user, supervisor and payroll
  • Automatic integration with existing WordPress users


  • Timesheet set up for bi-weekly pay period
  • Settings Page with user list of entries


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/dynamic-time directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ screen in WordPress
  3. Visit Dynamic Time from the WordPress admin menu to configure settings


Does this plugin have a user limit?

This plugin works with an unlimited number of users/employees.

How do users get started?

To get started, users just need a WordPress login and the URL to the page where the shortcode is pasted. Once they save time, it will show up to administrators in the Dynamic Time admin page.

Do I have to use the [dynamicTime] shortcode?

No, if your users have access to the WordPress dashboard they can click Dynamic Time in the main WordPress menu. If a user is not an administrator they will only see their timecard on this page.

How do I make sure time and pay rates are private?

WordPress administrators (with list_users permission) can see all users’ time and pay rates. If a user is not an administrator or an assigned supervisor to someone else, they will only be able to see their own timecard. Any user that views the page where the shortcode lives (that is not logged in) will be redirected to login first.

Why can’t I submit my timecard for approval?

Users cannot submit time until approx one week within the time period ending. This is to prevent users from accidentally submitting time too early. If you are an administrator you can bypass this requirement by viewing the timecard from the Dynamic Time admin page.

Will supervisors receive notification that a timecard is submitted?

Yes, supervisors can be assigned to every user, also a payroll contact can be assigned as a whole. If a supervisor is assigned, an email will be sent to them when a user submits a pay period for approval. If a payroll manager is assigned, an email will be sent to them when a supervisor approves a user’s pay period.

Why does the approval button appear hidden on a submitted timecard?

Ensure that you are logged in as an admin or supervisor able to approve time periods. Also check that the pay period beginning and end dates match up on both the admin screen and the pay period that the user submitted. Sometimes, especially when using bi-weekly periods, the weeks may not match. If this is the case, you can click the actual dates at the top of the timecard to advance pay periods in one week increments, forward or reverse. As soon as the period matches what was originally submitted or approved, the submit and approve buttons will display accordingly.

Why do time periods appear differently between admin and user screens?

Ensure that the pay period beginning and end dates match up on both the admin screen and user screen. Sometimes, especially when using bi-weekly periods, the weeks may not match. If this is the case, you can click the actual dates at the top of the timecard to advance pay periods in one week increments, forward or reverse.

Can I add more time labels instead of just Reg (Regular Time) and PTO (Paid Time Off)?

The plugin was designed around just a few types of time, Reg, PTO, and automatic overtime. If more specific labels are needed, we recommend using the notes section (on each time entry) as an additional field. In the PRO version, these note sections can be filtered.

I have selected bi-weekly pay periods but the period needs to begin on week 2 instead week 1

Each user can click the date at the top of the timecard (week 1 to go back, week 2 to go forward) to increment one week on a bi-weekly schedule. This alignment will be necessary only the first time they use the plugin.

Why can’t I find a user in the supervisor menu?

If you have more than 1000 users, the plugin will display the last 1000 active users in the supervisor dropdown menu. If a user doesn’t appear on the list, have that user log into WordPress, then reload the Dynamic Time admin page.

I am finding time or date inconsistencies on the timesheets

Dynamic Time uses javascript to obtain local system time. If the user is in a private/incognito tab or on a browser that doesn’t support js, the time entry might be inaccurate.

How do I delete users?

User management is accomplished through the native WP user profiles. Deleting users is not necessary, as idle users will fall off the main entry list if no time is received in the last month. To reduce accidental loss data, Dynamic Time does not automatically delete time entry data if a WP user is deleted.

How does overtime work?

Overtime is designated on the status dropdown menu, next to each user’s name. There are two types of overtime supported, ‘Standard FLSA’, and ‘California’. FLSA considers overtime as time and a half for hours worked in excess of 40/hours per week. California considers overtime as time and a half for hours worked in excess of 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week. ‘Exempt’ status will not apply overtime under any condition.

Where can I get more information on Dynamic Time PRO?

Dynamic Time PRO provides reporting tools useful for larger groups of employees, including copying & paste data into Excel, table based overviews, and searching employee note fields.

Where can I get support?

Reach out to us anytime for additional support.


26. april, 2019
They have great support and plugin works great! Highly recommend.
12. februar, 2019
I cannot be more positive about the support given. The plugin is very good and I'm confident that should any issue arise it will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you.
23. juni, 2018
We needed a tool to track project hours by team member. Dynamic Time offered a simple "time card interface" in a light weight WP plugin. The set up is quick and painless. We added the Pro plugin in order to manage the data. Which will also be a huge time saver!! ~ We also have a somewhat unique WordPress set up; On first run with Pro, we had a small glitch. We didn't have to wait for a forum reply - a single email to support was all we needed to get a very helpful reply within just a few hours. They offered some ideas to improve our WP setup and worked on the plugin until we had it running. ~ Thanks for the outstanding support and wonderful plug-in.
2. mai, 2018
This plugin is exactly what we needed! It is highly functional with our business and looking forward to further development and new features!
12. mars, 2018
If you are looking for an employee punch in punch out tool then it is not. Such a tool should be intuitively easy to use by an admin. We just need a protected admin account able to add employees with password. The employee just have to click a punch in button then later a punch out button. The time is calculated for the day and added in the pay period. That is it for the basic functions.
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  • Query adjustments to eliminate duplicates


  • Increase database rate field from 4 digits to 5 digits.


  • Timestamp improvements to match WP installation timezone. Additions to FAQs.


  • Minor CSS improvements for compatibility with a variety of themes.


  • Icon and Setup description improvements. Bug fix affecting hidden user entry module.


  • Gutenberg block compatibility fixes. Initial setup instruction improvements. Shortcode setup fixes.


  • Fix for PHP missing function warnings


  • Minor updates to installation process


  • Updates to author URI


  • Total valutabeløp-kalkulasjon bug fixer


  • Compatibility checks with WP 5.0, minor support improvements.


  • Fix for period level note -escape string, thanks to Brian.


  • Fix for some types of links in supervisor emails. Update some functions from strpos to stripos.


  • Menu and aesthetic improvements.


  • Expand keywords, FAQs, and increase user transient cache to 3.5 minutes.


  • Improve support visibility. Add review link. Limit user dropdown menus to last 1k active users. Store user dropdown to transients.


  • Improve setup instructions. Fix replicating entry bug.


  • Added employee signature line and site logo in print view. Print considerations on admin calendar view. Overall CSS improvements to padding, scale and layout.


  • Supervisor permissions fixes to plugin admin page.


  • Improvements to supervisor permissions in entry list view.


  • Entry list access for supervisors with a minimum of editor role or list_users capability. Settings access for admins with manage_options capability. Addition of punch entry type option.


  • Improvements to setup instructions.


  • Bug fix: Allow all itemized entry deletion for pay period by setting entry to 0.0 on clear.


  • Bug fix: Duplicate display of more than 3 entries per day.


  • Developer extensions and compatibility improvements. WordPress dashboard entry for non-admins. Simplify setup process. Minor bug fixes.


  • Allow reverse/reset of pay period by admins. Lock submission from user until halfway thru period.


  • Bug fixes for js unset variables.


  • Allow notes on simple or itemized entry setting.


  • Bug fix for itemized setting dropdown.


  • Diagnostic checks for DB safe & strict mode.


  • Addition of pay period note and bonus fields. Bi-weekly navigation updates. Reverse all function improvements. Precautions to prevent deletion of period data.


  • Bug fix: users last active timeframe. Lock submit button on future pay periods to reduce incorrect submissions.


  • Refine users last active timeframe. Support for beta features.


  • Update Currency field to allow open text, Addition of User Account icon. Correction to split week overtime calculations.


  • Improvements to installation stability and upgrade option.


  • Minor improvements, additions to diagnostics.


  • JS overtime calculation bug resolved affecting bi-monthly or monthly pay periods when pay period begin day falls on week begin day. Overtime bug resolved when multiple in outs exist not matching subsequent hour type.


  • PHP warnings resolved in calendar view. Various minor improvements.


  • Multi-entry per Day calculation bug resolved.


  • Minor CSS improvements.


  • Addition of multisite and install loc to diagnostic module. Pay Period title on timecard. Mobile CSS optimizations.


  • User Entries default to active users within 3 months. Add time calculations to accommodate overnight shifts.


  • Compatibility for PHP shorthand=off. Improvement to punch in/out feature.


  • Bug fixes to overtime calculations on split weeks. Bug fixes to overtime calculations days with multiple in/outs.


  • Visual enhancements, stability updates.


  • Add close buttons to modules. Minor updates to inform users of new features.


  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility updates. Prep for future features.


  • Add conditions for error reporting, add functions for dynamic file paths and prepare db calls.


  • Revise some features to use separate add on plugin.


  • Upgrade options: Table-based time entry overviews. Pay period optionally configurable on user level. JS bug fix for simple time multiple entry.


  • Addition of Australian currency. Updated print CSS for front end. Hide ‘Get Started’ if setup is complete with at least one user. Smooth view transitions. Addition of title tips for all setup options. Live calculation for time during input or adjustment. Focus behavior refinements to time popup. New configuration option to keep data safe on uninstall. New database fields to store summary per pay period.


  • Bug fix for split-week OT and CA split-week carryforward exclusion for day OT. Addition of Canadian currency.


  • Added hard refresh to refresh button. Fixed PHP warning. Added supvs to diagnostics.


  • Bug fixes for screen switching JS function. Addition of currency options.


  • Refinements to punch and navigation buttons. Confirmation for submission and approval actions. JS consolidation.


  • Compatibility updates for IE 11.


  • Minor bug fixes compatibility with 4.9.3.


  • Resolved email bug affecting some server configurations.


  • CSS updates to print media. Refresh button in admin view.


  • Allow admin reversal of submission, approval and processing timestamps.


  • Mobile improvements. Minor bug fix for non-admin supervisor approvals.


  • California overtime option to trigger overtime for hours worked in excess of 8 hours/day or 40 hours/week.


  • Accommodation for servers without PHP shorthand turned on. Bug fixes for setup, upgrades, and version syncing db versions.


  • Mods to database initial setup and future upgrades. Store table version indicator. Check version and trigger dbDelta.


  • Email and approval process addition. Improved navigation between pay periods. Hourly rate archival. Addition of diagnostics. General optimization and bug fixes.


  • Resolve overtime bug. CSS adjustments. Image compression.


  • Update css & js file revision parameters.


  • Punch in quick-click buttons. 15 minute increment arrows. General aesthetic improvements and bug fixes.


  • Resolved survey hide bug, added setup tips


  • Resolved JS prompt/time bug


  • Resolved overtime calculation bug


  • Addition of notes field, css refinements, stability updates


  • CSS adjustments


  • Added redirect/return logic


  • Force print compatibility with most WP themes


  • Tested up to 4.8.2


  • Define Acronyms in summary, Default initial users to Non-Exempt


  • Installation bug fixes


  • Visual enhancements to entry list


  • Added survey option


  • Compatibility verification with WP 4.8


  • Compatibility fixes with old PHP versions


  • Aesthetic improvements to work with parent themes, minor bug fixes


  • Resolved initial setup menu selections * Order user entries by last entry day, last modified date


  • Resolved svn folder paths


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Updated directory logo & expanded readme documentation


  • Added directory logo & alert icons for setup


  • Basic functionality created