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3. mars, 2023
Rhett and the team are very responsive and gracious with their time. While I'll only installed the plugin on a testing site at this time, Rhett is making it more likely to go into production and more likely to move over to the pro version. The plugin is user-friendly, customizable, and adaptable to different industries and requirements. It provides appropriate security measures to safeguard sensitive data on a user-role basis. Dynamic Time has a responsive support team and resources to assist users whenever they encounter issues. This plugin will likely boost productivity and transparency for the company it is planned for, saving time and resources that are currently be incurred through manual time tracking.
25. august, 2022
We originally got this plugin for one of our websites and had some addition features that we wanted to be added for our company. Rhett took every request that we asked for and made it a reality and now this is the perfect addition to our company that does everything we need it to! Great support from a great team!
19. august, 2022 1 svar
This has some nice functionality built into it. There is a bug that doesn't allow a time sheet to be corrected to 0 time in a week. Let's say the employee was on unpaid time off for a week but accidentally entered a day of time. When the payroll admin fixes it by deleting the value or changing it to zero you will find that the change doesn't save. For some reason it will not allow a week to have 0 hours. Another bug is that after submitting, processing, approving, a timesheet and then you click the "return to admin" link you will find that the change you submitted isn't reflected on that main screen. Should add a step to refresh the data on that screen. This solution has a lot less configurable options than some others I've looked at. Although out of the box it seems to have what most would need. It's just not fully adaptable maybe to everyone's needs. Some reporting/accounting features and more timesheet settings and display options would make this incredible
10. februar, 2022
I was looking for a time sheet plugin, and this one is excellent for what my team needs! Pros of Dynamic Time: Define your time/pay period, such as biweekly, monthly, etc. My team uses the monthly option. Users can edit their own time sheets. This is perfect for teams that trust their workers to correctly edit their hours, such as trusted contractors. Users submit their time sheets for approval. Most importantly, users can only edit their own hours, not other users' hours. Workers and supervisors can print out time sheets. My Reasons to Choose Dynamic Time instead of All-In-One Time Clock: Workers only being able to edit their own hours seems like it should be obvious, but I encountered an issue when I previously tried the All-In-One Time Clock Lite plugin. The issue was that my team's workers all have the capability of editing posts, so that we use our WordPress posts as a company wiki. (This was accomplished using the Members plugin to create a Wiki Author role that can edit posts but not pages). So, the issue with All-In-One Time Clock Lite was that it gives access to editing user shifts to any user who can edit posts, which resulted in our users being able to edit each other's shifts. This was a deal breaker for my company being able to use the All-In-One Time Clock plugin. I was pleased that Dynamic Time offers such excellent features to be able to see the hours throughout the pay period very clearly for both the worker and the supervisor. This is much better for our company. Cons: At the time of this writing, the plugin does not appear to have been tested with the latest version of WordPress. I hope the developer will fix this in the near future. User interface/user experience feels a bit clunky. It only takes maybe 5-15 minutes to get used to the interface, but that can seem like a long time for potential customers examining the plugin. (I recommend the developer check out the TeamTime app for Basecamp for ideas of how to improve user interface/user experience.) I think the 1-star "poor punch in punch out for employee" review was due to the UI/UX turning a customer away; also, though Dynamic Time now offers a punch-in/punch-out only feature, it does not look as nice as competitor punch-in/punch-out time clocks; this can turn customers away from the greater functionality of Dynamic Time. Style. Similar to user experience, I recommend some improvements to the style of the plugin's time sheets so that they look more appealing. (I used the Code Snippets plugin to add CSS that removes the dropdown option for PTO, since my small hobby business doesn't use paid time off, and the dropdown containing PTO just occupies space and makes the time sheet look more clunky without offering any useful feature for our company at this time. Fortunately, CSS did the trick. I might try using CSS to improve the appearance of other portions of the time sheet, as well, at some point.) Printout shows the site brand/favicon much too large. This is because my site used a large favicon size (so that it looks good on all displays). The printout fails to reduce the favicon size for the purpose of printing. This results in the favicon occupying nearly a whole page of the printout. This is a small nitpick, because it is a great feature just to allow such easy printing of the timesheet. These cons are all pretty small concerns, overall. I write these as opportunities for improvement, for the developer to consider. Since these are small concerns, I still give this plugin a perfect score rating for solving my team's needs.
27. april, 2021
This plug in provides a great online timesheet system. The support and service offered is exceptional. Queries have been responded to very quickly and in a very easy to understand way. I recommend this plug in to anyone seeking an online timesheet system.
19. mars, 2021
Very good plugin, and believe me i have tested a lot of timesheets apps and this one rock solid ! and more over this, support (Rhett 😉 ) is unbelievable. Thanks Rhett!
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