EduAdmin Booking


Plugin that you connect to EduAdmin to enable booking on your website.

Requires the following PHP-modules

  • php-curl
  • php-mbstring


  • Upload the zip-file (or install from WordPress) and activate the plugin
  • Provide the API key from EduAdmin.
  • Create pages for the different views and give them their shortcodes


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The full changelog available on

2.40.1 (2022-01-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Get OnDemand info if the coursetemplate is OnDemand (075be39)


  • Add attribute ondemand to detailinfo (35c5363)

2.40.0 (2022-01-11)


  • Booking: Support for OnDemand in the event selector on the booking page (3416712)
  • EDUApiHelper: Added extra fields for OnDemand, added extra method to fetch OnDemand courses, added filter to block OnDemand from showing up in normal course lists. (11c6c53)
  • Hide non-on-demand events from event lists (208f982)
  • OnDemand support for more views (ee2d927)
  • Programme: Hide headers based on course detail setting to hide headers. (a5baeb0), closes #414

Bug Fixes

  • ApiHelper: Added LocationId to fix issue with region filtering (2f012b9)
  • Changed from curly brace to brackets to fix error in PHP 8.0 (175dca0)
  • Detail template: Change code that checks $course_level (a8e7562)
  • docs: Formatting the document was a bad idea (7e89d27)
  • Fix ajax method that fetches minimum price (71a4c80)
  • Fixed casing for VAT texts (5c5c7ae)
  • How about we use the correct version with nvmrc, update composer installer (0fef61e)
  • Output only non-empty parts in the venue info. (aca146f)
  • Programme/Book: Added null check for contact and customfields before looping over it. (f633bd8)
  • Remove default value from parameter always sent (f610d1c)


  • Added info about ondemand attribute for listview shortcode (baa625d)

2.39.1 (2021-12-07)

Bug Fixes

  • Missing replacement of lower case VAT-text (5e2b83b)

2.39.0 (2021-11-24)


  • Added MNNaturalize to make strings and numbers sortable in a better way (2b45e0e)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sorting of events (125daeb)


  • Simplified reading of the code (008f472)