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Everest Forms plugin provides you with an easy way to create any kind of forms including contact forms. Drag and Drop fields make ordering and creating forms so easy that even a beginner to WordPress can create beautiful forms within minutes. The plugin is lightweight, fast, extendible and 100% mobile responsive.

Everest Forms is specially designed keeping the usability, simplicity in mind. The form settings, admin panels are highly intuitive with a clean design.

Multiple column forms can be designed with a click. Pre-built templates and design layouts allow you to create forms that look different yet beautiful.

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Everest Forms Plugin in action:

Features And Options:

  • Create unlimited forms without any restrictions
  • Drag and Drop Form fields
  • Supports all commonly used form fields including radio, dropdowns, checkboxes, date and more
  • 100% responsive form template
  • Supports multiple column layout
  • Shortcode support
  • Multiple email recipient
  • Mulitple email notifications
  • Smart Tags for dynamic email message, subject and more.
  • View Form entries from your dashboard
  • Quick Form Preview option
  • CSV exporter for entries
  • Form Import Export
  • Prebuilt Form templates
  • AJAX form submission
  • Google Recaptcha V2 and V3 Supported
  • Spam protection via honeypot
  • Editable successful form submission message
  • Redirect option after submission
  • Editable Email Settings
  • Editable form validation message
  • Translation ready and WPML compatible

Premium Features and Addons

  • 13 Advanced fields: Image upload, File upload, Hidden Field, Phone, Password, Custom HTML, Section Title, Signature, Address, Country, Rating, Range Slider, Privacy policy

  • Style Customizer – Allows you to make form design changes like color, fonts, spacing, background, borders, alignments and much more without touching any code.

  • MailChimp – Allows your users to subscribe to MailChimp through form submission via Everest Forms.

  • MailerLite – Allows your users to subscribe to MailerLite through form submission via Everest Forms.

  • ActiveCampaign – Allows your users to subscribe to ActiveCampaign through form submission via Everest Forms.

  • ConvertKit – Allows you to connect your form with ConvertKit to efficiently grow your business by generating more leads.

  • PDF Form Submission – Allows you to generate digital PDF documents of any form submission to export or send a PDF copy of it via email attachment.

  • PayPal Standard – Allows you to connect your forms with PayPal to easily collect payments, donations, and online orders. Check our article on accepting PayPal payment via WordPress Forms

  • Stripe – Allows you to connect your forms with Stripe to easily collect credit card payments, donations, and online orders.

  • Geolocation – Allows you to collect geolocation data like IP, Country, Postal/Zip code along with the form submission.

  • Multi-Part Forms – Allows you to make a stepwise form by breaking long or complex forms up into multiple parts/pages. Check Detail guide

  • Custom Captcha – Allows you to add custom questions or math captcha to your form and fight back against spam form submissions.

  • Form Restriction – Allows you to easily control and restrict by limiting entries, scheduling submission dates, password protection for the form submissions.

  • Conditional Logic – Allows you to conditionally hide or show form fields based on user’s interaction with other form fields.

  • Survey, Polls and Quiz – Allows you to create intuitive survey, poll and quiz forms within a minute. It also provides admin reporting for data-driven decisions.

  • User Registration – Allows you to create a custom WordPress user registration form instantly in few simple steps and collect payments.

  • Post Submission – Allows your users to submit their blogs posts from front-end without the hassle of logging into the admin dashboard.

  • Zapier – Allows you to connect your forms with over 1500+ popular web applications without any hassle. It makes integrating forms and apps buttery-smooth.

What’s Next

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  • Contact Form, Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress - Everest Forms


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4 or greater (PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Everest Forms, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Everest Forms” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our form builder plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading our form builder plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Do I need to have coding skills to use the Everest Forms Plugin?

No, you don’t need any coding skills. One can simply drag and drop fields, arrange them and use built-in shortcodes to display the form.

Does the plugin work with any WordPress themes?

Yes, Everest Forms is designed to work with any themes that have been coded following WordPress guidelines.

What type of form can I build with Everest Forms?

The drag and drop builder allows you to create a variety of WordPress forms, not limited to just a contact form. Combined with our premium addons, you can create forms like
* Contact Form
* Support Request Form
* Suggestion Form
* Job Application Form
* Multi-step Form
* Conditional Form
* Registration Form
* Customer Survey Form
* Poll Form
* Quiz Form
* Paypal Payment Form
* Stripe Payment Form
* Signature Form
* Post Submission Form
* Newsletter Signup Forms

Do you have a quick get started video for Everest Form?

Yes, we do. Check out this Getting Started Videos

Everest Forms is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Join in on our GitHub repository 🙂


14. september, 2021
I had some trouble with a conflicting plugin, the issue got resolved by the development team!
19. august, 2021
It is very easy to use & I always recommend this to my friends.
12. august, 2021
I had experience of everest-form by some theme in wordpress. I was really satisfied with functions of this plugin. So installed to my own web site. But I blocked during activate pro version. I read documents but couldn't solved on my own. So contacted WPEverest support, I asked many things. And he solved all of my problems. He was very kind and fast. I already told him this, he saved my day. I don't know it helps to him but the name of genius is "Uzwal". I would love to give you 100 stars if I can. Thank you.
9. august, 2021
We've used 4 other leading form plugins. This is far and away the one to choose for your WordPress site.
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1.7.7 – 16-09-2021

  • Tweak – Download text input option added.
  • Tweak – Spacing issue on upgrade modal dialogues.
  • Fix – Default Value for Payment Quantity Field.
  • Fix – Upload image button click issue on inputs.
  • Fix – PHP notice about enqueue script thrown in widgets page.
  • Fix – Deleted Field Entries are shown in Single Entry.

1.7.6 – 28-07-2021

  • Enhancement – Cache the form and entries results for better performance.
  • Enhancement – Add support for PDF Image logo upload.
  • Fix – Smart Tag Page ID issues.
  • Fix – Attach pdf to email glitches.
  • Fix – Permission issue with entries visibiity.
  • Fix – Pagination not working in admin forms list table.
  • Fix – Settings field label UI alignment issues in PDF addon.
  • Fix – Refined countries list and added missing kosovo country. – 19-06-2021

  • Fix – Permission issue with file upload on frontend.
  • Fix – Dropdown field value not displayed on view entry page. – 18-06-2021

  • Fix – Permission issue with forms visibility on frontend.

1.7.5 – 17-06-2021

  • Feature – Divider field added.
  • Feature – User capabilities added.
  • Enhancement – Enable or Disable logs.
  • Enhancement – Row clone option added.
  • Fix – Mobile container margin issue.
  • Fix – PayPal standard Redirection Issue.
  • Fix – Form Field deletion with delete button.
  • Fix – CSV textarea contents line break issue.
  • Fix – Signature field display with smart tags.
  • Fix – Password Validation show hide logic added.
  • Fix – Welcome page redirection on every plugin updates.
  • Fix – New Email Notifications not being saved on reload.
  • Fix – New Email Notifications cloned blank for assigned values.
  • Fix – During Form restore set the status to Publish instead of Draft.
  • Fix – Empty checkboxes value in view entry form details.
  • Fix – Stop default form creation when ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin is active.
  • Fix – Payment Multiple choices and checkboxes fields amount preview in form builder area.
  • Fix – Success message issue with default form due to redirection.
  • Fix – Missing Default values for fields in form builder area.
  • Fix – Ajax Form Submission Smart Tag Not Working.
  • Fix – Format Email Message Content For Signature field.
  • Fix – Email Toggle Notification to individual connection.
  • Fix – Format Email Message Content for Images and Files uploads.
  • Fix – Delete uploaded files after removing Forms or Entries.

1.7.4 – 11-03-2021

  • Fix – Hide empty select data field from entry view.
  • Fix – Undefined variable form_id on form restriction.
  • Fix – jQuery deprecated shorthands shown by jQuery Migrate.
  • Fix – Heartbeat notification mangled with display inline-block.
  • Fix – Display successful form submission message in preview mode.
  • Fix – Entries pictorial design issue and top spacing of search field.
  • Fix – Perfect scrollbar throwing uncaught update property due to timeout.
  • Fix – Custom and external redirect when Stripe payment form is AJAX enabled.
  • Fix – Check valid hash and process custom redirection or success notice after PayPal Payment.
  • Tweak – Added navigation design for tools page.
  • Tweak – Payment Detail spacing on premium feature.
  • Tweak – Adapt WPML config for no duplicates validation.
  • Tweak – Implement hooks for field option output so they can be mangled with setting choice.
  • Tweak – Load full version of selectWoo so if other plugin overloads it provides features.

1.7.3 – 26-01-2021

  • Fix – Dropdown field empty value should not be send in email.
  • Fix – Uppercase meta key in form field display empty entry list table column.
  • Fix – Form Templates plan name not displayed properly on navigation tab switch.
  • Fix – On AJAX form save, don’t compile form stylesheet if it was not previously generated.
  • Fix – Lifetime plan displaying upgrade plan and not allowing to import form from templates.
  • Fix – Image Projector plugin conflicting with multi-part add-on with colorpick script handle.
  • Tweak – Spacing issue on multi select in admin pages.
  • Tweak – Add support for User Display in smart tag filter list. – 29-12-2020

  • Fix – Form builder not loading in Firefox. – 13-12-2020

  • Enhancement – Add copy shortcode button in form list table.
  • Fix – Form styles not being cloned on import and duplication.
  • Fix – AJAX submission conflict with stripe addon in multi-part form.
  • Fix – PerfectScrollbar jQuery selector issue in the form builder page.

1.7.2 – 16-10-2020

  • Enhancement – Add search fields on builder page.
  • Enhancement – Add supports for Campaign Monitor Addon.
  • Enhancement – Add Plan name instead of PRO label on form templates.
  • Fix – Message for the required file upload field.
  • Tweak – Improve Jconfirm content for new lines with some css.

1.7.1 – 14-09-2020

  • Enhancement – Add supports for email Templates Addon.
  • Enhancement – Add supports Google Sheets integration Addon.
  • Enhancement – Add support for multiple option selection in Pro plan.
  • Fix – The default value for a dropdown field not set.
  • Fix – Enhanced select required message shown above field.
  • Fix – Dropdown single selection for choices should have a radio type.
  • Fix – Form status toggle compatiable with WP 5.5+.
  • Fix – Navbar design while switching to another language.
  • Fix – Enhanced select not working in Multi-part.
  • Tweak – Updated selectWoo JS library to v1.0.8.
  • Dev – Introduced evf-frontend-enhanced-select-init trigger in frontend JS. – 17-08-2020

  • Fix – Referral URL unicode support.
  • Fix – Conditional logic for dropdown broken.
  • Fix – PerfectScrollbar issue in builder integration. – 11-08-2020

  • Fix – Conditional logic on select field.
  • Fix – Likert table scroll in responsive.
  • Fix – Drag and drop issue in tools page import form area.
  • Fix – Conditional logic required message while using on the checkbox.
  • Tweak – Upgrade URL to redirect to pricing page rather than product page. – 20-07-2020

  • Fix – Form status {de}active toggle button.
  • Fix – reCAPTCHA working only for logged in user.
  • Fix – Email subject while using select field smart tag.
  • Fix – Select field placeholder not displayed in enhanced select and not selected in default select.
  • Tweak – Modified everest_forms_logged_in_user_recaptcha_disabled with everest_forms_recaptcha_disabled hook.

1.7.0 – 15-07-2020

  • Enhancement – Add support for form restriction addon.
  • Added – Support for bulk options to Checkbox, Multiple Choice and Dropdown fields.
  • Added – Introduce get_multiple method in EVF_Form_Handler to fetch multiple forms.
  • Fix – Number Field validation issue with conditional logic.
  • Fix – Modify logic for fetching unread and starred entries.
  • Fix – Date/Time field to use local date instead of default UTC.
  • Fix – Export of field data with HTML encoded special characters.
  • Fix – The field placeholder & default value 0 (zero) does not display on the frontend.
  • Tweak – Updated jQuery Validation JS library to v1.19.2.
  • Tweak – Parameters for reCAPTCHA URL filter to change language code in v2 type.
  • Tweak – Preserve entry status so they are restored correctly after moving to trash.
  • Tweak – Add trigger everest_forms_loaded to notify plugins that the core was loaded.
  • Tweak – Introduced everest_forms_logged_in_user_recaptcha_disabled filter to disable reCAPTCHA check for logged-in user.
  • Tweak – Modify duplicated action hook everest_forms_general_settings to everest_forms_inline_general_settings for builder general settings.
  • Dev – Introduced everest_forms_total_entries_count filter to update total entries count in list table views.
  • Dev – Introduced everest_forms_{$export_type}_export_delimiter filter to change separator string while exporting CSV files.

1.6.7 – 17-05-2020

  • Feature – Added a new Pro field Range Slider.
  • Fix – JS error while removing list from choice field.
  • Tweak – Add support for next max value of row ID. – 10-05-2020

  • Fix – Sanitization of CSV exported field values.
  • Fix – Conflict within WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Fix – Flatpickr Calendar does not open on Android Chrome.
  • Tweak – Updated selectWoo JS library to v1.0.6.
  • Tweak – Updated flatpickr JS library to v4.6.3.

1.6.6 – 01-05-2020

  • Fix – Log file deletion.
  • Fix – Field Options getting freezed for the first field.
  • Fix – Perfect Scrollbar library updated to fix RTL issue.
  • Fix – Undefined PHP notice thrown if confirmation email didn’t match.
  • Fix – False-positive required message displayed upon email validation.
  • Enhancement – Email attachment workflow.
  • Enhancement – Added enhanced select feature to the Dropdown field.
  • Enhancement – Added option to disable certain dates in the Date/Time field.

1.6.5 – 10-04-2020

  • Fix – Shortcode design issue in list table.
  • Fix – Form block deprecated notices in console.
  • Fix – Selective html tag support in field label.
  • Fix – Placeholder live update broken for fields.
  • Fix – Set the default threshold received from reCAPTCHA.
  • Fix – Empty form fields within form throwing PHP warnings.
  • Fix – Placeholder components design issue with our form block.
  • Fix – Image and file not being submitted with enable AJAX form submission.
  • Tweak – RTL design issue for font-weight.
  • Tweak – Google reCAPTCHA v3 threshhold default to 0.5.
  • Tweak – Custom Captcha field now shown as part of pro fields.
  • Tweak – Prefill field value so it can be used to modify data.
  • Tweak – Removed unnecessary height for input on classic layout.
  • Tweak – Use apply_shortocodes() as an alias for do_shortcode() for better semantics.
  • Tweak – Improve WPML compatibility for form fields and its settings. Thanks @mebishalnapit!
  • Enhancement – Added Formatting function evf_array_splice_preserve_keys.
  • Dev – Linting fix for SCSS files and added some rules for stylelint.

1.6.4 – 17-03-2020

  • Fix – Google reCAPTCHA issue with the version changes.
  • Tweak – Remove smart tags icon from default value option for Number and Rating fields.
  • Dev – Use WP-CLI to generate .pot file.

1.6.3 – 02-03-2020

  • Fix – Form not saved while using smart tag.
  • Fix – Deactivation notice.
  • Fix – Invalid argument in entries view.
  • Fix – Import export file name.

1.6.2 – 29-02-2020

  • Fix – Cloning not working for some fields.
  • Fix – Error thrown for star rating field when using smart tags.
  • Fix – Conditional logic for Checkbox and Multiple Choice field.
  • Fix – Smart tags of Multiple Choice and Checkbox are not working in email.
  • Fix – Redirection parameter delegated to frontend for AJAX form submission.
  • Tweak – Implement log cleanup cron job.
  • Tweak – PHPCS fixes.

1.6.1 – 13-02-2020

  • Fix – Form submission error while processing on frontend.

1.6.0 – 11-02-2020

  • Feature – Add support for form template.
  • Feature – Import Export of Everest Forms.
  • Feature – Add support for AJAX form submission.
  • Feature – Required field message are made editable.
  • Enhancement – Improve choice field with image support.
  • Enhancement – Randomize the order of the choice field support.
  • Enhancement – Limit the number of options to be checked in checkboxes field.
  • Enhancement – Robust the layout for displaying field choice i.e inline or {one|two|three} columns.
  • Enhancement – Single Line Text/Paragraph fields limitation options (limit by character or word count).
  • Enhancement – Added a filter everest_forms_builder_field_option_class to support field option class.
  • Enhancement – Added a settings for confirm field validation message to support email confirmation error.
  • Fix – Error handling in AJAX handler for endpoint.
  • Fix – Choice default value not rendered on frontend.
  • Fix – Correctly closes label if no desc arg is passed.
  • Fix – Checks if only string is provided for JSON content.
  • Fix – Specific form submission notice display in another.
  • Fix – Select2 style and admin screen button alignments in WP 5.3+.
  • Fix – reCAPTCHA when running on localhost with port different from 80.
  • Fix – Show/Hide empty fields action inside the single entry view.
  • Fix – Show forms with disabled entries if they have previous entries count.
  • Fix – Use brackets instead of braces to avoid deprecation notices in PHP 5.6.
  • Tweak – Sortable design issue and smooth choices.
  • Tweak – Store entry ID in property of task handler.
  • Tweak – Editable Form name from the form builder title.
  • Tweak – Admin notice design conflicted due to review notice.
  • Tweak – Referal in admin panel for origination of form entry.
  • Tweak – Display empty field value so users can toggle them in single entry view.
  • Tweak – Hide confirm placeholder text & sub-label option accordingly for email and password field.

See changelog for all versions.