Denne utvidelsen har ikke blitt testet mot noen av de siste 3 hovedutgivelsene av WordPress. Den er kanskje ikke lenger holdt vedlike eller støttet, og den kan ha kompatibilitetsproblemer med nyeste versjoner av WordPress.

Gutenberg Forms – WordPress Form Builder Plugin


WordPress skjemabyggerutvidelse – Gutenberg Forms

This is the next generation WordPress form builder plugin. You can easily build your forms by adding form fields as gutenberg blocks within the Gutenberg Editor. You do not need to leave the editor to build your forms using some other drag & drop form builder. Now you can build your form within Gutenberg editor using Gutenberg Forms.

Gutenberg Forms legger til en skjemablokk i Gutenberg og alle skjemafelene er underblokker som du kan legge til i skjemablokken, pent og enkelt. Du kan legge il flere kontaktskjema, og du kan tilpasse skjemaet i Gutenberg-redigeringen. Google reCAPTCHA-interasjon for spamfilrering.

Fremhevede funskjoner

Det følgende er noen av hovedfunsksjonene, men det er mer, noe du trenger sjekke ut ved å installere utvidelsen.

  • Ingen bulkete skjemabygger . Bygg skjemaer direkte i Gutenberg-redigeringen.
  • Enkle skjemaoppsett med hjelp av innebygd skjemakolonne-blokk.
  • Lag flertrinns / flersiders skjemaer enkelt.
  • Betinget logikk – Vis/skjul felter ut fra betingelser.
  • Skjemaoppføringer – Skjemaoppføringer blir registrert i databasen og er tilgjengelige via WordPress-admin.
  • Bruk skjemaene hvor som helst – Du kan lage frittstående skjemaer ved hjelp av Gutenberg og buke den hvor som helst med en kortkode. Det gjør Gutenberg Forms kompatibel med enhver sidebygger for WordPress.
  • Fylle skjemaverdier dynamisk med URL-parametre.
  • Skjulte felttyper med dynamiske verdi-plassholdere.
  • Spam-beskyttelse: Googe reCaptcha og Akismet-integrasjon.
  • E-postvarsel-bygger – Lag ditt tilpassede e-postvarsel-innhold.
  • Skjemastiler . Skjemaer og felt-blokker kommer med ulike stiler (du kan også legge til dine egne).
  • Responsive skjemaer – Skjemaene du lager er fullt ut responsive.
  • Importer/eksporter skjemaer – Gjør det på samme måten du gjør det med enhver Gutenberg-blokk.
  • Flere funksjoner du vil finne ut av når du bruker utvidelsen.


Please read the docs before creating a support ticket here.


Vår første tilleggsmodul er utgitt. Det er for MailPoet -utvidelsen som lar deg koble Gutenberg Forms med MailPoet for å sende kontakter til din MailPoet-liste.

Les mer og installer den, den er GRATIS.

Mailchimp-integrasjon er klar som tilleggsmodul. Mailchimp-tillegget lar deg koble din Mailchimp-konto med Gutenberg Forms for å sende kontakter til din valgte liste.

Les mer og installer den, den er GRATIS.

Akismet-integrasjon er allerede en tilleggsmodul. Det lar deg sikre dine skjemaer mot spammere. Akismet sjekker dine innsendingene fra kontaktskjemaet opp mot deres globale spam-database.

Les mer og installer den, den er GRATIS.

Del dine tilbakemeldinger og forslag 👏

Your feedback, ideas and suggestions would be really helpful in adding & improving the features that you need. We have set up a tool to collect your feedback and prioritize the features based on votes.


  • WordPress skjemabyggerutvidelse – Gutenberg Forms
  • Å legge til et nytt felt
  • Omplasser skjemafelter med dra og slipp eller opp- og nedpiler.
  • Skjemainnstillinger
  • E-postbygger
  • Skjemastiler


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Once Activated, you will find the ‘Gutenberg Forms’ block in the Gutenberg editor.

For grunnleggende bruk kan du også ta en titt på utvidelsens netttsted Gutenberg Forms.


12. februar, 2024
Unfortunately, the plugin «Gutenberg Forms» does not work anymore and there have been no updates for a year. The plugin does not seem to be maintained or updated by its original author. 😢 It is not recommended to use this plugin! Make sure to replace it with another contact form plugin.
13. februar, 2023
Hithank you for your work, your plugin has a innovative approach. Unfortunately the files …/dist/frontend.js and …/dist/ is only loaded with the theme twenty-twenty-one.
5. januar, 2023 5 svar
Thank you for the recent update which I have been looking forward to and thanks for the work you did put in to make the plugin compatible with this latest version of WordPress. I took out some time to try out some of the new features which are really great but here are some challenges I faced: I couldn’t insert any of the templates forms; after indicating the form I need to use, I clicked on insert but it didn’t insert. The standard form option is great but I couldn’t insert new fields I had to settle for the multi-select even though that wasn’t what I wanted; it offered me the option to insert all the fields I needed but even after completing the form it still didn’t work properly. I opened an Incognito tab to test it out and the form page reloaded after submitting the form but without the success alert. I also didn’t get any email notifications (after setting it up) and there was no record of the form in the WP dashboard. I do hope all these are resolved soon and once again thank you for all you have done for the community thus far. I look forward to contributing to the Open Source project as well once I have learnt the required skills.
30. juni, 2022
Saw Extendify – Instant delete! Sneaks unwanted extensions into the editor. I can understand why some sell to Freemius. But extendify feels so scummy. Especially when it only is mentioned way down the page, like they don’t want everyone to know where the extendify pest comes from. Took me a while to find the reason. And that the homepage doesn’t exist any more, doesn’t inspire confidence.
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For more information, visit Gutenberg Forms


15 Jan 2023

  • Security: Everyone had access to the form entries via WP API
  • Security: Prevent direct access to .php files
  • Security: Other security fixes
  • Add: Add a block inserter button to the form block
  • Update: Removed a «required» switcher from all blocks, it’s already available in fields settings, no need to have it twice
  • Update: Blocks are ordered better and grouped in a «Gutenberg Forms» category
  • Update: Improve WP admin screens a bit
  • Update: Entries management works the default WP way
  • Update: Form templates, they all have to be updated, so hiding for now to avoid confusions
  • Update: Remove Extendify
  • Update: Update text domain and more strings can be translated
  • Update: Minimum PHP version is 7.4 and minimum WP version is 5.8
  • Fix: A block showing existing forms did not work at all
  • Fix: Missing conditions for the number field
  • Fix: Google recaptcha now respects the WP language setting
  • Fix: «From» field for emails did not work in most cases, now it uses reply-to which is what users wanted
  • Fix: Field IDs with accents on letters were breaking most of the functionality
  • Fix: Initial conditions (when a form appears) were not working for conditional fields
  • Fix: Conditional text fields did not work

5 Jan 2023

  • Fix: Plugin was broken on
  • Update: Compatibility with WP 6.1.1

16 May 2022

  • Updated plugin author and plugin author URI
  • Updated compatibility for WP 5.9


23 Mar 2022

  • Fixed: Wrong include path for wp-load.php –
  • Updated: Extendify SDK –


2 Feb 2022

  • Fixed email trigger cc @ilangleben19
  • Recaptcha enqueueing when forms are not present (, #190, #195 )
  • Fixed broken dashboard in WP 5.9
  • Redone build for dashboard
  • Updated React, Redux, ReactDOM to WP versions


3 Jan 2022

  • Updated Contributors


29 Nov 2021

  • Added: Fully Translatable


14 Sep 2021

  • Improve: Templates Library


26 Aug 2021

  • Improve: Templates Library


12 Aug 2021

  • Improve: Templates Library


13 July 2021

  • Improve: Templates Library
  • Fixed: Bugs


5 July 2021

  • Fixed: Bugs


29 Jun 2021

  • New: Toggle to enable/disable Extendify library
  • Improved: Updates to the pattern and template library


17 Jun 2021

  • Fixed: Bugs


17 Jun 2021

  • New: Improved Template library SDK


25 May 2021

  • Improved: Template library SDK


11 May 2021

  • Fixed: minor bug in previous release


11 May 2021

  • Fixed: minor bug in previous release


11 May 2021

  • Fixed: Bugs


29 Apr 2021

  • New: Access to the Extendify template and pattern library


5 Oct 2020

  • New: Export Entries Feature
  • Fixed: Bugs Reported by users


31 Aug 2020

  • New: Form Summary Screen (Beta)
  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: Code


11 Aug 2020

  • Improved: Form Entries Screen
  • New: Chart Added for Form Entries
  • Fixed: Email Incoding issue for Message field type
  • Fixed: Bugs


25 July 2020

  • New: Akismet Addon Released
  • Added: Prefix & Suffix Options for fields
  • Added: Option to add Set Spam & Error Message
  • Fixed: Bugs


15 July 2020

  • Added: Mailchimp Integration
  • Added: Option to adjust width in Form Columns
  • Improved: Dashboard & Add-on Management
  • Fixed: Bugs


04 July 2020

  • Improved: Multi step form creation
  • Added: Progress Bar for multi step form
  • Fixed: Bugs


23 June 2020

  • Added: Dynamically populate field values
  • Added: Server side preview for saved forms
  • Added: Hidden field with merge tag inserter (UNDER-PROGRESS)
  • Fixed: Bugs


03 June 2020

  • Added: Mailpoet Integration ( Separate addon )
  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: Code


28 Apr 2020

  • Improved: Email Notification Builder is moved in the sidebar
  • Added: Admin Page Using Gutenberg Components
  • Improved: Google ReCaptcha settings added in admin page
  • Added: Default validation Messages in admin page
  • Added: From Field in the Email Notification Builder
  • Added: All Data tag in the Email Notification Builder
  • Fixed: File Upload Bugs
  • Added: Form Actions – Now you can enable/disable any action like form entries, email notification etc


11 Apr 2020

  • New: Now form entries are recorded in database
  • New: forms CPT – Create forms and use anywhere using shortcode
  • New: Templates Library – Start creating forms quickly with ready to use templates
  • Added: Bulk Add Option for select, radio and checkbox fields
  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: Code


28 Mar 2020

  • Added: Multi Step feature
  • Added: File Upload Field
  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: Code
  • Added: Min / Max Length for Text and Message Fields
  • Added: Option To Hide Form On Success
  • Improved: Button Block
  • Improved: Group Block


21 Mar 2020

  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: Code


7 Mar 2020

  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Improved: UI and organized options
  • Added: New style for radio and checkbox fields


28 Feb 2020

  • Added: Form Theme Options
  • Improved: form columns can now be changed after selection
  • Improved: Better organized options for form
  • Improved: Number field


22 Feb 2020

  • Added: Custom Pattern Option for Messages,Text,Phone,Name fields
  • Added: Option to define Custom validation Messages for All fields
  • Added: Option to define default validation Messages in the main form block
  • Added: Basic Conditional Logic to All fields
  • Added: Form Button Block with actions Submit/Reset
  • Added: Option to disable default Submit Button
  • Added: Calculation Block
  • Fixed: Bug fixes


15 Feb 2020

  • Fixed: Frontend Styling
  • Added: Inline field Styling
  • Improved: Sanitization
  • Added: Image Select for Checkbox, Radio
  • Improved: Options UI for Checkbox,Radio,Select
  • Improved: Form Markup
  • Added: Form Group Block
  • Added: Yes/No Field
  • Added: Required Text Option


04 Feb 2020

  • Re-done the entire plugin from scratch to work with the latest Gutenberg APIs.
  • Added: Email Notification Builder
  • Added: Form Columns Block
  • Added: Transform Fields to Another functionality


18 Oct 2018

  • Fixed: Minor issues.


16 Oct 2018

  • Initial release with the basic functionality and fields added.