WPBruiser {ingen-captcha antispam}


WPBruiser (tidligere GoodBye Captcha) er en antispam- og sikkerhets-utvidelse basert på algoritmer som identifiserer spam-roboter uten irriterende og vanskelig lesbare captcha-bilder.

WPBruiser eliminerer fullstendig registeringer fra spam-roboter, spam-komentarer, også brutalkraft-angrep, fra det øyeblikk du installerer den på ditt WordPress-nettsted. Den er fullstendig usynlig for sluttbruker – intet behov for å fylle ut en captcha eller annnet «menneske-oppdager»-felt noen gang – og den bare virker!

Til forskjell fra andre antispam-utvidelser, som oppdager spam-kommentarer og registreringer i ettertid og så flytter de til din spam-mappe, og som du senere må slette – som ikke bare bruker av ditt nettsteds ressurser, men også av din tid. WPBruiser forhindrer robotene fra å legge inn spam i utgangspunktet. Resultatet er at ditt nettsted ikke bare er spam-fritt, det er også raskere og sikrere.

I tillegg er WPBruiser fullstendig selvforsynt og trenger ikke koble til noen ekstern tjeneste. Dine innlogginger forblir dine, 100%.

WPBruiser bekjemper brutalkraft-angrep og eliminerer spam-roboter på kommentarer, regsitreringer så vel som innlogging og Glemt passord-sider. Med et knappeklikk kan du bestemme hvilke skjemaer som skal beskyttes.

Sammendrag av WPBruiser-funksjoner/egenskaper

  • Standard WordPress Login form integration
  • Standard WordPress Register form integration
  • Standard WordPress Forgot Password form integration
  • Standard WordPress Comments form integration
  • Ability to set the maximum number of characters for each comment field
  • Logging with the ability to enable/disable it
  • Automatically Block IP Addresses
  • Automatically purge logs older than a certain number of days
  • Manually white-list trusted IP Address (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Manually block/unblock IP Addresses (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Properly detects client IP Address when using CloudFlare, Incapsula, Cloudfront, RackSpace, Sucuri CloudProxy, AWS ELB
  • Provides statistics, reports, maps and charts with all blocked spam attempts
  • No requests to external APIs
  • Can be switched to «Test Mode» – for testing
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite – network admin interface ready
  • Compatible with cache plugins (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, ZenCache, WP Fastest Cache and others)
  • Invisible for end users (works in the background)
  • Does not affect page loading times

Beskyttelse mot brutalkraft-angrep

  • Automatically detects Brute Force attacks
  • Ability to automatically block IP Addresses
  • Prevents User Enumeration
  • Ability to block most dangerous IP addresses involved in brute force attacks
  • Ability to block most dangerous Anonymous Proxy IP addresses including TOR Networks, TOR Nodes and TOR Exit Points
  • Ability to Completely Disable XML-RPC service – it seamlessly works with Jetpack plugin activated
  • Ability to Disable XML-RPC Pingbacks
  • Email notifications when a Brute Force Attack is detected

WPBruiser Available Extensions

WPBruiser er integrert med de mest populære utvidelsene

Contact Forms Extensions
Membership Extensions
eCommerce Extensions
Email Subscriptions Extensions

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WPBruiser er også integrert med følgende utvidelser:

  • Postmatic (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic)
    WPBruiser offers protection for the entire email commenting system

  • Epoch (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/epoch)
    WPBruiser offers protection for the entire chat and commenting system

  • wpDiscuz (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/wpdiscuz/)
    WPBruiser offers protection for the entire commenting system

  • MailChimp for WordPress (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp)
    WPBruiser offers protection for all forms the user will create with MailChimp

  • Ultimate Member (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member)
    WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Reset Password forms

  • Jetpack av WordPress (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack)
    WPBruiser tilbyr beskyttelse for JetPack kontaktskjema

  • ZM Ajax Login & Register (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/zm-ajax-login-register)
    WPBruiser offers protection for Login and Registration forms

  • Login With Ajax (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/login-with-ajax)
    WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

  • WP User Control (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-control)
    WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

  • PlanSo Forms (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/planso-forms/)
    WPBruiser offers protection for all forms

  • Theme My Login (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/theme-my-login)
    WPBruiser offers protection for Login, Registration and Lost Password forms

  • Seamless Donations (https://nb.wordpress.org/plugins/seamless-donations)
    WPBruiser offers protection for the donation form

Teknisk brukerstøtte

Hvis du oppdager et problem med denne utvidelsen, vennligst gi beskjed til oss og vil vil etterforske og rette problemet. Helst bør din forespørsel inneholde: URL til nettstedet (om ditt nettsted er offentlig), PHP-versjon, WordPress-versjon og alle trinn for å reprodusere problemet (om du er i stand til å reprodusere det på noen måte)


Om du finner at denne utvidelsen er nyttig, vennligst vurder å gjøre en liten donasjon. Takk


  • WPBruiser - Settings
  • WPBruiser - Security
  • WPBruiser - Security - WhiteList IP Address
  • WPBruiser - Security - BlackList IP Address
  • WPBruiser - WordPress
  • WPBruiser - Tweaking WordPress
  • WPBruiser - Protect Jetpack Contact Form
  • WPBruiser - UltimateMember protection
  • WPBruiser - Other plugins integrations
  • WPBruiser - Report - Blocked Comment
  • WPBruiser - Report - Block IP Address
  • WPBruiser - Report - By Location - Distribution
  • WPBruiser - Detailed Report


Option 1

  1. Download the zip file from WordPress plugin directory,
  2. Unzip and upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/goodbye-captcha/ folder from your server,
  3. Activate the plugin from WordPress Dashboard

Option 2

  1. Download the zip file from WordPress plugin directory,
  2. Login into the administration panel,
  3. Go to Plugins –> Add New –> Upload,
  4. Click Choose File (Browse) and select the downloaded zip file,
  5. Activate WPBruiser plugin

Option 3

  1. Login into your WordPress site,
  2. Choose Plugins –> Add New,
  3. Search for WPBruiser,
  4. In the results page, click Install Now. (depending on your server, you might need to provide credentials for download),
  5. Activate WPBruiser

After installation, a WPBruiser menu item will appear in the Settings section. Click on this in order to view plugin’s administration page.


How do I know is working?

Just switch the plugin to Test Mode and start testing it yourself. The Administrator will receive email notifications.
If something is not working as expected, a warning message will be shown.

Is WPBruiser safe?

Yes. The algorithm behind the plugin was fully tested and there is no way a spider or robot can spam your sites.

What forms can be secured by using WPBruiser WordPress plugin?

All standard WordPress forms(Login, Register, Comment and Forgot Password) can be secured by using WPBruiser plugin.

Are there any php extensions that need to be activated so this plugin could work?

No. The plugin runs 100% without activating any additional php extensions.

Does WPBruiser help me to block ip of the spammers?

Yes. Starting with WPBruiser version 1.1.0, this feature is available.

Does WPBruiser recognize IPV6 addresses and is it possible to block them?

Yes. Starting with WPBruiser version 1.1.0, IPV6 is recognized and the administrator can block it with a single click.

Why captcha is not user friendly?

Studies shown that visual CAPTCHAs take around 5-10 seconds to complete and audio CAPTCHAs take much longer (around 20-30 seconds) to hear and solve.


juli 14, 2019
I had seen this plugin for a couple of years though never tried it, but when I saw that the Roots team –the developers of Sage, Bedrock and Trellis– had WPBruiser in their 'Favorite WordPress Plugins' list then I decided to give it a try. This was in December 2018. The first impression was good: Sleek UI Tons of features anti-spam wise Surprisingly quite a few features security wise –enough to even think about using them instead of Wordfence (which I love by the way)–. Extensions to integrate WPBruiser with 'Contact Form 7' and 'Quform', both of which I extensively use. Free integration with the 'HTML Forms' plugin by ibericode –I almost cried of joy as it is my favorite forms plugin–. Free integration with 'W3 Total Cache plugin'. Reports, charts, maps and statistics to help monitor all the blocked spam attempts. Well, after half a year using it in some of my sites, with a paid extension included, I must say I am very impressed. It has done the job nicely and by nicely I mean: 99.999% effective. Sites that were being spammed several times a day could finally rest. In 7 months only 1 spamming message made its way through in one of the sites. Performance has remained intact. I have to confess I usually go a bit over the top in terms of performance with my sites and –having conducted empirical measurements–I did not notice any significant impact on the speed in any of them . Everything has kept working harmoniously. I have not experienced any incompatibilities with other plugins or themes –including 'W3 Total Cache' heavily configured– The plugin runs smoothly on the backend. I have not had the need of support but I did ask a question to the developer and got a kind reply after a few hours. Overall, my impression is that we are looking at a beautifully coded plugin that offers a ton of features, both anti-spam and security wise, offering a superb UX –for the admin (backend) and end users (frontend)– and which is widely compatible with other plugins, robust and effective.
juni 21, 2019
Thank you for a wonderful work. The plugin is working great! And is so useful, I highly recommend using it. I just developed a membership website a couple of days ago and it helped me to sucessfully stop spammers. Thanks again for developing such plugin!
mai 28, 2019
I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful plugin, WPBruiser! It has decreased my spam comments sight out of mind. Please feel free to use this testimonial anywhere you like. Lots of thanks and hugs for helping me stay sane! xx Lizzi Tremayne author and vet
mai 17, 2019
Thank you, WP Bruiser, for this great plug-in. Prior to installing it, spammers/phishers hit us daily via our own contact forms(!), that our regular spam blocker couldn't stop! It was quite frustrating, but since we've been using WP Bruiser over the past three months, I don't think we've received even one! Impressive!
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  • Fixed fatal error when using PHP 5.3.x


Refreshed Incapsula, Amazon and Cloudflare trusted IPs ranges


– Fixed ajax compatibility with Ultra Community – User Profiles & Membership Plugin

– Introducing new Extension – WPBruiser WPForms Protection


– Refreshed Incapsula, Amazon and Cloudflare trusted IPs ranges


– Refreshed Country IPs
– Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
– Refreshed Proxy IPs
– Compatibility with WordPress 5.1



– Refreshed Country IPs
– Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
– Refreshed Proxy IPs


  • Fixed compatibility with UM 2.X


  • Fixed PHP 7.1.x warnings and compatibility with PHP 7.2


– Fixed the incompatibility with Gravity Forms Extension


– Integrert med utvidelsen HTML Forms


– PHP7 warnings

– Refreshed Country IPs
– Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
– Refreshed Proxy IPs


  • Fixed the PHP notice issue reported by @devonostendorf[https://wordpress.org/support/topic/php-notice-wpdbprepare-was-called-incorrectly-generated-in-wp-core-v4-8-3/]



* Added integration with Ultra Community Membership plugin

– A plugin vulnerability reported by Wordfence team


– PHP7 warnings

– Refreshed Country IPs
– Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
– Refreshed Proxy IPs


– Prevent oEmbed and WP Rest API user enumeration.


– Compatibility with MailChimp for WP version 4.0.4 and up.



  • Compatibility with MailChimp for WP version 4.0.6 and up
  • Compatibility with WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin
  • Fixed Password reset protection for WooCommerce
  • Refreshed Country IPs



  • Compatibility with Avada theme
  • Refreshed Country IPs
  • Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
  • Refreshed Proxy IPs



  • Fixed the issue when protection for WooCommerce registration form was conflicting with protection for Standard WordPress registration


  • Refreshed Country IPs
  • Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
  • Refreshed Proxy IPs


  • Improved loading speed
  • Improved detection algorithm


– Improved proxy detection feature


  • Refreshed Country IPs
  • Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
  • Refreshed Proxy IPs


  • Ability to register trusted proxy headers
  • Email Notification when a user with Admin Capabilities has signed in

New Premium Extensions


Fixing repository issues


  • Refreshed Country IPs
  • Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
  • Refreshed Proxy IPs


Fixed corrupted files from WordPress Repository



– W3TC refresh cache notice – reported by Todd and roxchou
– bbPress menu disappear when WPBruiser is active – reported by N3k0

– Integration with wpDiscuz
WooCommerce Extension


– Compatibility with Query Monitor plugin
– Block Web Attackers IPs and Block Anonymous Proxy IPs options are getting deactivated
– Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
– Refreshed Proxy IPs


  • Removed jQuery dependency
  • Added protection for Ultimate Member Modal Login
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.5 for Max Comments Fields Length
  • Refreshed Country IPs
  • Refreshed WebAttackers IPs
  • Refreshed Proxy IPs



  • Ability to set up the Fields Maximum Length for each comment form field
  • Added Extensions page
  • Added languages folder to support translations
  • Added a new filter wpbruiser-scripts-in-head – to explicitly render WPBruiser’s script in head or footer


  • Added IPv4 to country lookup

Introducing premium extensions


  • Removed the MaxMind GeoIP Databases due to the licensing terms violation


  • Fixed MySql error reported by WHSajid


  • Fixed issue when WPBruiser blocks post requests from some Amazon proxy servers
  • Fixed blocked content extra slashes
  • Improved Brute Force attacks detection
  • Refreshed dangerous IPs lists


  • Now GoodByeCaptcha is WPBruiser
  • Fixed Disable Trackbacks/Pingbacks issue reported by sixer
  • Added compatibility with WP Deferred JavaScripts plugin
  • Fixed warning notice reported by Sucuri


– Compatibility with Login With Ajax plugin
– Compatibility with Google Apps Login plugin
– Compatibility with WP-Rocket plugin
– Compatibility with Autoptimize plugin
– Compatibility with Theme My Login plugin


– New admin interface
– Network admin interface
– Brute-Force protection
– White-list IPs
– Black-list IPs
– WordPress tweaks