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Happyforms is the simplest way for you to manage and respond to conversations with your website visitors. With over 10 years of experience here at The Theme Foundry, we’ve heard from nearly 1,000,000 businesses what they need from a contact form builder plugin! We’ve heard about the wasted time trying to set up tricky forms; the frustration of emails not being delivered; and the let down of not hearing from leads. That’s why we created Happyforms: Your free and friendly drag and drop form builder for creating contact forms, lead generation forms, feedback forms, quote forms, survey forms and more! Happyforms is optimized to increase conversations with your website visitors. Have peace of mind knowing messages to-and-from are getting delivered without the hassle of spam. You’ll be set up and going in 5 minutes or less.

Discover all the benefits of upgrading. 🚀

Happyforms solves these struggles:

  • 💬 Start more conversations.
  • 📫 Reliable message delivery.
  • 💌 Skip the hassle of spam messages.
  • 😍 Free expert support and feedback.
  • 🎨 Live preview form builder.

Popular Happyforms Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder (Gutenberg ready).
  • Live preview forms as you create them.
  • Easily add forms anywhere to your pages, posts and widget areas.
  • Add multiple forms to the same page.
  • Completely mobile responsive forms.
  • Unlimited forms, fields, emails and messages.
  • Create multi-column layouts with a single click.
  • Easily duplicate forms.
  • Confirmation message on submission.
  • Confirmation email sent to user.
  • One-click HoneyPot spam prevention.
  • Over 50 styles controls built-in.
  • GDPR and 508 compliant forms and secure forms.

Included Happyforms Form Fields:

  • Short Answer — For fields like ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’.
  • Long Answer — For longer messages and feedback.
  • Email Address — Validate users email addresses before submission.
  • Multiple Choice — Checkboxes for multiple selections.
  • Single Choice — Radio buttons for single selection.
  • Dropdown — For long lists and single selection.
  • Number — For formatted numeric fields, like phone and price.

Upgraded Happyforms Features:

  • Access to all 20+ form fields.
  • Manage unlimited responses easily in the dashboard.
  • Let folks upload files to your forms.
  • Redirect to any webpage after the form is submitted.
  • Multi-page forms with progress bar.
  • Show and hide forms using date/time scheduler.
  • Limit the number of responses per form.
  • Google ReCaptcha spam prevention integration.
  • Collect abandoned responses.
  • Enable people to save and resume responses.
  • Inherit theme styles option.
  • Preview values before submission.
  • Log IP address automatically.
  • Poll part with real-time results.
  • Randomize form fields and values to avoid biases.
  • Advanced filtering of responses.
  • Fade submit button until valid.
  • Unlimited personal and client use plans.
  • No-nonsense support team, happy to help over email.

Discover all the benefits of upgrading. 🚀



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  • Contact Form to Manage and respond to conversations with customers — Happyforms


Can you read my replies?

Heck nah! No one likes peepers. All replies are saved in your WordPress database or sent to your inbox.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

Can I translate forms into my language?

Absolutely! Every last word read by your respondent can be translated — just type and replace. No extra plugins. No code changes. No fuss.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

Is Happyforms GDPR and CCPA ready?

Yep! We have a special field for collecting respondents’ consent for things just like this.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

Is my data safe? Is Happyforms HIPAA compliant?

Our competitors claim to be HIPAA compliant, but that’s misleading. Those dodgy buggers! Why have a compliant form if your site’s server, connected services and chosen inbox aren’t?

To keep things simple, we say to disable Happyforms from saving replies and instead point replies to an email address hosted by an end-to-end encrypted email service like ProtonMail.

It’s easier than it sounds. Promise. Hit us up if you have questions.

Does it work on a site not using WordPress?

Nope. Sorry! We’re for all things WordPress ‘round here.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope. Happyforms has a fancy drag-n-drop builder. But if you find yourself needing to code something, email us. We can help you out with the nerdy stuff.

Does Happyforms work on all devices?

Yep! We always recommend building forms on a desktop, but you can fill out a form anywhere — mobile, tablet and desktop.

Sadly no longer compatible with your 90s Tamagotchi.

Can I connect Happyforms to my favorite services?

Yep! Happyforms directly connects with reCaptcha, Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, MailerLite, MailPoet, SendFox, SendGrid, Sendinblue, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Integrately and Integromat.

Through Zapier, Integrately and Integromat, you can connect with services like Shopify, Kajabi, QuickBooks, Xero, WooCommerce, FreshBooks, Gumroad, Gmail, Slack, Discord, Twilio, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, OneDrive, Airtable, Teachable, GitHub, ClickFunnels, Facebook Pages, Google Calendar, Trello, Calendly, Klaviyo, Asana, Basecamp, HubSpot, Zoho, Acuity Scheduling, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Wrike, ClickUp, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Drift, Jira, ScheduleOnce, Pipedrive and thousands more.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

What types of forms can I build?

Just about anything. A contact form, intake form, registration form, survey form, quiz form, payment form, newsletter form, giveaway form, fundraising form, donation form, nomination form, order form, questionnaire form, onboarding form, contract form, estimate form, research form, qualitative form, quantitative form, membership form, mobile form, feedback form, release form, inquiry form, request form, evaluation form, RSVP form, reservation form, sales lead form, popup form, quote form, event form, booking form, application form, agreement form, safety form, pdf form, compliance form, assessment form, sponsorship form, report form, file upload form, satisfaction form, volunteer registration form, personality quiz form, calculator form — you name it.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

Does it work with my favorite theme and plugins?

Abso-freakin-lutely! We’re always checking to make sure Happyforms plays nicely with popular themes like Divi, Astra, Avada, Genesis, GeneratePress, Enfold, Flatsome and OceanWP, and popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Elementor, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Wordfence, UpdraftPlus, MonsterInsights, WP Super Cache, Smush, W3 Total Cache, Loco Translate, SiteOrigin and Popup Maker.

Note: you’ll need to upgrade to our paid contact form builder plugin to get some of the best goodies mentioned here.

What are your brand guidelines?

Aw, honestly, the thought that you’re writing about our contact form builder is making us blush. That’s very kind of you! If we can be picky, please stick by these guidelines:

  • Happyforms (correct)
  • HappyForms (incorrect)
  • Happyform (incorrect)
  • Happy Forms (incorrect)
  • Happy Form (incorrect)


26. november, 2021
This is my go-to form plugin now. Love that it integrates with stripe and paypal payment gateways and a bunch of email marketing software (I use activecampaign) so you can literally have just this linked up and send to a thanks page with a digital download instead of faffing about with setting up woocommerce. I've had a few tech issues with things from time to time. Support team is very responsive and helpful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
25. november, 2021
Happy Forms is a very simple to use form builder that is loaded with great features like conditional logic. Their customer service has been stellar, and they are quick to reply whatever the question or issue. Easily one of the best WordPress form builders on the market!
11. november, 2021
If you want super easy to implement, good looking forms, this is the bomb. Well thought out, comprehensive integration with a ton of over services and a bargain price compared to all the subscription products out there. Easy CSS Styling too. Definitely doesn't have every bell and whistle, but... Actively developed and improving all the time by a straight up team.
11. november, 2021
I like how quick and easy it is to use Happyforms. It also looks really good. I like it so much I got the pro version and use it on all my sites. If you aren't happy with your current contact form check out Happyforms and see if it works as well for you as it does for me.
11. november, 2021
The plugin is great, easy to use and it already offers a lot of options in the free version.
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  • New feature: Reset buttons allow for resetting fields to defaults in Messages tab.
  • Improvement: Redesigned the sample form to better showcase current features.
  • Improvement: Better forms actions notices.
  • Improvement: Simplified field naming.
  • Bugfix: Date-Time field validation was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Validation of fields with «Limit submissions» was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Deprecated controls were showing up in Style tab.


  • Improvement: Legacy Forms widgets can now be transformed into blocks.


  • Bugfix: Jetpack synchronization was triggering a fatal error.


  • Removal: «Message location» control led to degraded usability.
  • Removal: «Title» section in «Style» tab added clutter and duplicated core functionality.
  • Improvement: Better selection and insertion of forms in block interface.


  • Bugfix: A typo was causing errors on older PHP versions.


  • Improvement: Faster preview of Layout Text changes.
  • Bugfix: Honeypot mechanism was triggering browser autocomplete, preventing submissions.


  • New feature: HTML anchor on form block.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown item font size doesn’t match form style setting.
  • Bugfix: Form width preview not updating.


  • New feature: Long Answer field now supports rich-text editing.
  • New feature: Alphabetical choices, «other» choice, randomization, submission limiting support for Single Choice field.
  • New feature: Alphabetical choices, «other» choice, randomization, submission limiting support for Multiple Choice field.
  • New feature: «Other» choice, randomization, submission limiting support for Dropdown field.
  • Bugfix: Widget was misbehaving with new block-based Widgets screen.
  • Bugfix: Number field custom separators weren’t working correctly.
  • Bugfix: Prefilled Long Answer field had styling glitches.
  • Bugfix: Long Answer field Limit words/characters controls had validation issues.


  • Improvement: Fields with validation errors are now marked with a CSS class for easier styling.
  • Improvement: Browser autocompletion has been disabled everywhere for more consistent behavior.
  • Improvement: Forms now scroll to top only when partially out of the viewport.
  • Bugfix: «Add custom CSS classes to submit button» was misbehaving.


  • Improvement: Deactivation popup allows for keeping or deleting saved data.
  • Improvement: Forms block now supports additional CSS classes.
  • Bugfix: Arrows in dropdowns were ignoring Style settings.
  • Bugfix: Duplicating and drag-dropping fields in the builder was scrolling the field list to the top.


  • Improvement: More effective honeypot protection.
  • Improvement: Javascript dependencies for tooltips are now loaded only when necessary.
  • Improvement: Restored happyforms_enqueue_style filter for completely disabling frontend styles.
  • Bugfix: «Additional CSS» screen was stripping slashes from CSS code.
  • Bugfix: Error notices were ignoring color settings.


  • Bugfix: Jetpack synchronization was triggering a fatal error.


  • Improvement: Safer builder controls internal API.


  • Improvements: Dashboard element colors have been brought in line with core.
  • Improvement: Hints are now shown below field labels.
  • Improvement: Date column in «All forms» screen now shows the last modified date.
  • Improvement: Empty titles and labels are now displayed as placeholders in the builder.
  • Bugfix: Onboarding overlay could cause an infinite redirect loop in some scenarios.
  • Bugfix: Dropdowns weren’t working correctly when long-pressing on choices.
  • Bugfix: Some options in Messages tab weren’t saving correctly.


  • Bugfix: A missing file error was being thrown right after update.


  • Improvement: Style tab «Additional CSS» section now triggers real-time updates.
  • Improvement: Better keyboard navigation in dropdown-based fields.
  • Improvement: New control allows for setting a label for required fields.


  • Bugfix: Hiding labels was changing fields width.


  • New feature: Labels can now be toggled on a per-field basis.
  • Improvement: Better support for Elementor popups.
  • Improvement: Long Answer field now suppports a minimum of 2 rows.
  • Bugfix: Screen reader styles were causing glitches on some themes.


  • Improvement: All dropdowns become searchable automatically with more than 6 choices.
  • Bugfix: «Add Media» button in Email tab wasn’t working.
  • Bugfix: Submit button styles were misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Restored forms were getting stuck in «draft» state.
  • Bugfix: Searchable dropdowns were misbehaving.


  • Improvement: Better compatibility with 3rd party popups.
  • Bugfix: Form couldn’t be added to ACF rich text editor fields.
  • Bugfix: Trashed and deleted forms where showing up in form widget.


  • Improvement: Removed jQuery deprecations.


  • Bugfix: Form title «Display» control wasn’t working.


  • Improvement: Better support for 3rd party popup plugins.
  • Improvement: Better support for tab navigation in Dropdown field.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown field searchable functionality was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Form title «Display» control wasn’t working.
  • Bugfix: Validation of optional Long Answer fields with character counting was misbehaving.


  • New feature: Messages tab in Edit Form screen allows for complete language customization.
  • New feature: Prefill control for setting a default value on Short Text, Long Text, Email Address and Number fields.
  • Bugfix: «Email respondent a copy of their submission» → «Include submitted» feature was misbehaving.


  • Improvement: Better styling control for choice fields option labels.


  • Meta: updated FAQs and contributors.


  • Improvement: Better naming of form class attributes.
  • Bugfix: Edit Form screen wouldn’t work with custom Site Address settings.


  • Improvement: Form title is not rendered at all when set to «hidden».
  • Bugfix: Fields with prefix and suffix support where being validated as always filled.


  • Improvement: Style → Additional CSS now updates preview in realtime.
  • Improvement: Added filter to force style output for compatibility with 3rd party plugins.
  • Bugfix: Hidden form title was being displayed in widget previews.


  • Bugfix: «Fields Borders & Spacing» → «Inner Spacing» control was unresponsive.
  • Improvement: Added «Prefix» control to Email field.
  • Improvement: Better refresh performance of «Fields Labels & Text» → «Label display» control.


  • Bugfix: Setting «Label display» to «Hidden» was hiding the form in the block editor.
  • Bugfix: A missing trailing slash in Edit Form preview frame was causing issues on some server configurations.


  • Improvement: «Label display» control was made global and moved to Style step.
  • Improvement: «Description display» control was made global and moved to Style step.
  • Improvement: Empty labels were triggering usability errors on common usability check tools.
  • Bugfix: Happyforms block wasn’t remembering the selected form.
  • Bugfix: Email messages were being sent with empty headers in some cases.
  • Bugfix: Single Choice «Make this choice default» was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Archived and trashed forms were being displayed in shortcode/block form selection dropdown.
  • Bugfix: Output buffering was causing errors in Oxygen Builder.


  • Bugfix: Rich text editors in field configuration widgets were misbehaving after a drag and drop operation.
  • Bugfix: A Block Editor block parameter was triggering errors on WordPress >= 5.5.


  • Improvement: better usability of various elements of Edit Form screen.


  • Bugfix: Fixed wrapping glitches with long labels and descriptions.


  • Bugfix: Centered labels weren’t working when set to ‘Below’.
  • Bugfix: Description tooltips were rendering twice in the same field.
  • Bugfix: --happyforms-form-width was missing a default unit.
  • Bugfix: ‘Show a thank you message’ setting wasn’t working.


  • New feature: New «Email display name» control allows for custom email display name in email alerts.
  • Bugfix: Shortcode script was causing issues with Advanced Custom Fields frontend forms.
  • Bugfix: Email confirmation controls were being toggled under wrong conditions.
  • Bugfix: Long Answer field was generating excessive whitespace in emails and dashboard screens.


  • Improvement: Improved tooltip display with collision detection.


  • Bugfix: Style tab in form builder was not loading.


  • Improvement: Tooltip icon now displays next to label instead of inside field input and inherits label color.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to form styles and UI.
  • Bugfix: Stale Unique ID field was triggering errors in email alerts.


  • Bugfix: Masked Number field had wrong type HTML attribute and was not accepting more than four digits.


  • New feature: Rows control added to Long Answer field.
  • Improvement: New icons for form fields in form builder.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to form builder and front-end styles.
  • Bugfix: Sorting fields in form builder made the container always scroll to top instead of preserving its scrolling position.
  • Bugfix: When suffix was set on a field with tooltip, the tooltip icon and suffix were overlapping.


  • Improvement: Updated part icons.
  • Improvement: Various style improvements to form builder and front-end.


  • Improvement: Improved form builder compatibility with various plugins and themes, including Oxygen Builder.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to form builder UI and front-end styles.


  • Improvement: Various improvements to form builder screen.
  • Bugfix: Multiple dropdown parts were causing JS error in multi-step forms.


  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with latest version of Divi.
  • Bugfix: Fixed appearance of Submit button when displayed in line with form part.
  • Bugfix: Fixed double border issue in Style step.
  • Bugfix: Fixed «Reveal on focus» description mode in parts that support Prefix and Suffix.


  • Improvement: Improved appearance and available tools in visual editors.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Email part which was not allowing empty value even when marked as optional part.
  • Bugfix: Fixed font size sliders in Style tab that were not updating preview.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken appearance of inputs when «Label display» setting was set to «Inside».


  • Improvement: New “Confirm submission” control in Setup step.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to Happyforms UI.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.
  • Bugfix: Form width slider in Style tab → General was not updating value in preview.


  • Improvement: When searching for specific choice in Dropdown part, a configurable «No results» message is shown if no choice is found.
  • Improvement: Custom HTML ID of the form using «Form HTML ID» control can now be toggled by checking «Use custom HTML ID» control.
  • Bugfix: Form ID used as a prefix for all selectors in Additional CSS section in Style tab was using ID of child element instead of parent.
  • Bugfix: Number part was returning an error when 0 was submitted even if when it was in specified range of min and max value.
  • Bugfix: Various fixes related to front-end and form builder UI styles.


  • New feature: Added support for prefix and suffix in Short Text, Email, and Number part inputs.
  • New feature: Added support for input placeholder in confirmation fields.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to front-end styles and form builder UI.


  • Improvement: Various improvements to general look and feel of validation messages.
  • Improvement: Improved accessibility of validation messages.


  • Bugfix: Choices marked checked as default were displaying checked HTML attribute on front-end.


  • New feature: Additional CSS section in Style tab allowing to write custom styles for each individual form.


  • New feature: Quarter width setting for parts and part choices.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to Happyforms UI styles.
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility of form part styles with some themes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed choice parts not saving «Checked by default» setting.


  • New feature: Date filter on All Forms screen now allows you to filter forms by date added.
  • Improvement: Email controls are now grouped in a dedicated step.
  • Improvement: Additional email controls for sender and reply-to addresses.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to UI styles, wording, and default values of parts.


  • Improvement: Improved plugin’s text domain for better management of translations.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to Happyforms UI styles and frontend.


  • New feature: Added Help tab to all Happyforms screens, providing easy access to help guide and our email support.
  • Improvement: All Forms screen improvements.


  • Improvement: Various improvements related to builder and front-end styles.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3.


  • New feature: Added new control «Hide form on submission» to Step 2.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to styles and wording in form builder UI.


  • Bugfix: Fix bug with submitted values not displaying in email notifications.


  • New feature: Choices width control to allow for multi-column layouts in Single Choice and Multiple Choice part.


  • Improvement: Happyforms form builder styles update.


  • Bugfix: Fix admin notices.


  • New feature: Form error message and required field label are now easy to edit in Step 2.


  • Bugfix: Fixed error caused by admin notices during Wp Cron task execution.


  • Bugfix: Fixed error caused by admin notices class not available in some contexts.


  • Update: Moved various features to the upgraded plan.


  • Bugfix: Fixed fatal error when visiting Appearance -> Customize screen.


  • New feature: New ‘Google reCAPTCHA theme’ setting in Style step.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to styles in Happyforms UI.
  • Bugfix: Email part with confirmation value didn’t work with ‘Fade submit until valid’ option.
  • Bugfix: Date & Time part did not reflect EU date format in preview step and email.


  • Bugfix: Some parts caused notices in Customizer screen.
  • Bugfix: Small fixes related to styles.


  • Improvement: Small fixes and improvements related to styles and form builder UI.
  • Bugfix: Setting Scale part to multirange mode broke appearance of its sliders.
  • Bugfix: Email subject was ignoring parts configured to populate it.


  • Bugfix: Avoid database cleanup for upgraded users.


  • Improvement: Added label to HoneyPot input along with screen reader text for better accessibility compliance.
  • Bugfix: Reply-to email handling was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Sample form wasn’t being installed on activation.
  • Bugfix: Overlays’ display: none rule was ignored on some setups.


  • Bugfix: Migrations were triggering errors during activation.
  • Bugfix: Reply-to email handling had been deactivated.


  • Bugfix: A typo in helper file was preventing submissions from completing.


  • Bugfix: Wrong email template path was preventing submissions from completing.


  • Bugfix: A typo in helper file was preventing submissions from completing.


  • Removed: Responses


  • New feature: Added ‘Include submitted values’ option in Step 2 that allows you to send submitted data in a confirmation email sent to a user.
  • Improvement: Multi-line and Text Editor parts now support minimium and maximum character and word counter.
  • Bugfix: Long Text part was ignoring new lines when displaying submitted value in email.


  • Bugfix: Redirect URL feature could cause fatal error in some environments.
  • Bugfix: Alignment fixes in form preview step.


  • New feature: It’s now possible to configure Bcc addresses for email alerts.
  • New feature: Narrative part now supports input placeholders between brackets.
  • New feature: Open redirect link in a new tab.
  • Improvement: Better sample forms and responses created when activating plugin for the first time.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to form styles and alignment.
  • Bugfix: Forms created in 1.6.x versions weren’t working because of a data format error.


  • Bugfix: Form was scrolling to the top of the page after a submission.


  • Bugfix: Legal part was throwing a notice when there was a part before and after it.
  • Bugfix: Part padding set to Narrow caused no gutter between parts.
  • Bugfix: Long Text part kept submit button disabled even when value was valid.
  • Bugfix: Long Text part with title set to Display as placeholder was not collapsing label correctly after filling the value.
  • Bugfix: Remove unneeded editor.js dependency in Long Text part.


  • New feature: Realtime character counter for Long Text and Text Editor parts.
  • New feature: New styles and style controls for form notices.
  • Improvement: New happyforms_get_honorifics filter allows for custom honorific titles.


  • Bugfix: Submit button styles in Style step were not applying to submit button due to wrong selector.
  • Bugfix: happyforms_enqueue_style filter for disabling styles were not taken to consideration when loading color.css.


  • New feature: ‘Select All’ option added to Multiple Choice part that can be set in part’s Advanced options.
  • Improvement: Better styles for disabled Submit button.
  • Improvement: Removed responses now get trashed instead of getting completely destroyed.
  • Improvement: Duplicating a part now places it right after the original part.
  • Bugfix: Improved behavior of Dropdowns on focus, blur, and when using down facing caret to trigger dropdown.


  • Improvement: Added date days filter.
  • Improvement: Easier filtering of email message fields.
  • Bugfix: Phone part wasn’t showing correct country flag when same prefix is used by more than one country.


  • Improvement: A Javascript event is triggered after a form submission.
  • Improvement: Notices font family and weight are now theme independent.
  • Bugfix: Query caching was causing issues on some hosts.
  • Bugfix: A Javascript error was triggered when no notices are shown after a form submit.


  • New feature: Added new control to Step 2 for adding custom HTML class to submit button.
  • Improvement: ReCaptcha now loads language based on site locale settings.
  • Improvement: Long forms now work beyond server max_input_vars limitation.
  • Improvement: Better handling of email message carbon copy addresses and more powerful filters.
  • Improvement: Empty optional parts are now hidden in notification email.
  • Improvement: Better styles for left titled forms and improved behavior of Title alignment control in Style step.
  • Improvement: Moved ‘Form HTML ID’ and ‘Disable submit button until valid’ from Style step to Build step for better context.
  • Improvement: Added configurable label for ReCaptcha to improve accessibility.
  • Improvement: Various other improvements to UI and form styles.
  • Bugfix: Forms were scrolling to the wrong position with notices appearing below.
  • Bugfix: Phone part didn’t allow to pick country from dropdown after Email part was filled.
  • Bugfix: Phone part was retaining previous country code when switching countries.


  • Improvement: Improvements to admin notices behavior and styles.
  • Bugfix: Fix Legal part’s undefined offset error in HTML class.


  • Bugfix: Fix dismissible form preview notices for new forms.
  • Bugfix: Email part with confirmation field prevented form submits when «Preview values before submission» was checked.


  • Improvement: Better support for emails display name.
  • Improvement: Form title now highlights when Build step is opened for easier renaming.
  • Improvement: Optional part label is only displayed when some part is made optional.
  • Improvement: Updated copy and labels of some options in Setup and Style step.
  • Improvement: Updated readme and screenshots.
  • Bugfix: Expand / Collapse all button was not working properly on existing forms.
  • Bugfix: Phone part was not displaying correctly in certain padding and border configurations.
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfixes related to styles.


  • Bugfix: Phone country dropdown was not opening after other dropdown part was focused.


  • Improvement: Various CSS tweaks to improve responsive behavior, and colors set in Happyforms style step.
  • Bugfix: Number spinners in font size controls were not updating value in preview pane.
  • Bugfix: Placeholder part was always showing (optional) label.
  • Bugfix: Story part with no inputs was throwing an error.


  • Bugfix: Address part was preventing forms from working correctly.


  • New feature: It’s now possible to tweak wording for «optional» part label.
  • Improvement: New filter that allows for customization of form submission response json.
  • Improvement: Various labels were missing localization.
  • Bugfix: Responses pagination was misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Response previous/next links and mark as read were misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Email part title placement set to «Display as placeholder» was not preserving that setting on input blur event.


  • Improvement: Updated «tested up to» tag.


  • Improvement: Happyforms custom fields are now prefixed and hidden to stop polluting posts custom fields dropdown.
  • Improvement: Added filter to stop enqueueing of Happyforms defaults style file.
  • Improvement: New filter allows setting custom HTML attributes on a form element.
  • Improvement: Responses tracking number is now included in CSV exports.
  • Improvement: Better output of multiline and rich text values in CSV exports.


  • Improvement: Smoother preview response time for Checkboxes and Radio after last item is added.
  • Bugfix: Email part has been showing a notice related to wrong variable name used in condition.
  • Bugfix: Various fixes related to form styles.


  • Improvement: Added filters to control CSV header and row values.
  • Bugfix: HTML entities were encoded in CSV export files.


  • New feature: Autocomplete for Email part that suggests common email domains when «@» is typed.
  • New feature: Form padding style control for adding more space between form parts and its container.
  • New feature: It’s now possible to set a custom HTML ID on form elements.
  • New feature: New style control allows for notices above or below form elements.
  • Improvement: Better keyboard navigation for dropdowns.
  • Improvement: CSV exports now includes column headers.
  • Improvement: Duplicated forms now have current date of duplication.
  • Bugfix: Phone flags were not showing when international number format was checked in Phone part.
  • Bugfix: Title placement applied globally sometimes resulted in newly added parts inheriting the value even when not available for that part.
  • Bugfix: Various fixes related to styles and form parts preview.


  • New feature: Gutenberg block allowing you to add Happyforms to your content in Gutenberg editor.
  • New feature: Style control for submit button padding.
  • New feature: Checkbox to allow toggling ‘Mark as read and reply’ link in submission alert emails.


  • New feature: New Text Editor part for formatting text, code blocks, lists and more.
  • Improvement: New parts automatically inherit options when «Apply to all parts» is on.
  • Improvement: Custom Happyforms dropdowns refactor with lots of improvements in code.
  • Bugfix: Form updates weren’t getting applied if the preview frame was not fully loaded.
  • Bugfix: Submit button appeared unstyled on iOS devices.
  • Bugfix: Title font weight style setting couldn’t be set to Bold due to wrong default value.


  • New feature: Easily add options and rows to single and multiple choice, dropdown and table parts.
  • Bugfix: Form title links in All Forms screen were broken.
  • Bugfix: Saving a new form was creating copies of that form over and over.
  • Bugfix: Long text part wasn’t vertically resizable.
  • Bugfix: Placeholder text color was being overwritten by theme styles.


  • New feature: Added support for placeholder value in Dropdown part along with new option to set title as a placeholder.
  • New feature: New looks of Multiple Choice part allowing to add description for each option.
  • New feature: Added three new modes to Date & Time part: Month & Year, Month only, Year only.
  • New feature: Part title can now be hidden per each individual part.
  • Improvement: Number part now allows for minimum and maximum value setting even when the part input is formatted with prefix and thousands separators.
  • Improvement: Added labels for optional parts, removed asterisks for required parts.
  • Improvement: Various UX improvements to form builder.
  • Improvement: Form configuration steps are now directly reachable from the form list table.
  • Bugfix: Phone part displayed wrong country flag in the case where two countries share same phone prefix.
  • Bugfix: Date & Time part layout didn’t adapt well when set to Half and Third width setting.
  • Bugfix: Saved form width value was reverting to default in Style step.


  • Bugfix: Fix the issue with Number and Address part calling an undefined JS method.
  • Bugfix: Fix appearance of international Phone field in various title placement configurations.


  • Bugfix: Dropdown part was not displaying correct values when containing options with numeric values.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown part was not submitting default value correctly.
  • Bugfix: Titles set to display as a placeholder were not adjusting their position when coming back to form using browser’s back button.


  • New feature: Responses can now be tagged with a unique incremental ID (think receipts).
  • New feature: Labels for Rating part options when using Smileys / Thumbs as Rating Visuals.
  • New feature: Reveal description on focus for text input parts.
  • Improvement: Better part title appearance when placement is set to ‘Left’.
  • Improvement: Better alignment of Legal part when parts around it use ‘Left’ setting for Title placement.
  • Improvement: Various improvements in parts UI and CSS.
  • Improvement: Labels and values in email messages can now be filtered.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue when adding multiple Rating parts to same form only displayed first one.
  • Bugfix: Single and multiple choice, Dropdown and Table parts had issues with validation.


  • Improvement: minor rewordings in form Customize screen.
  • Bugfix: Date part validation and value storage were misbehaving.


  • Bugfix: Date part validation was preventing valid submissions.
  • Bugfix: Number part was erroneously preventing valid empty submissions.


  • New feature: Single Line Text part can now be used as a subject of admin email notification.
  • New feature: Owner email alerts now include a «Reply and mark as read» link for easier lead followup.
  • Improvement: Added custom capabilities for fine grained access control of forms and responses.
  • Bugfix: Some parts didn’t allow to submit an empty value even when not required.


  • New feature: Story part for adding fill-in-the-blank style inputs to a paragraph of text.
  • New feature: Rating part got new styles and options. It now features emoji scale and a new No / Yes rating type.
  • New feature: New field in Setup step that allows adding a textual name for the From header in user email notifications.
  • New feature: Submit button can now be configured to display within an input that’s set to ‘Auto’ width setting.
  • Improvement: better CC and Reply To email use allows for easier lead follow up.
  • Improvement: the URL the form was submitted from is now available in hooks for easier 3rd party integrations.
  • Bugfix: Part background color on focus style control was hidden.
  • Bugfix: Various alignment issues and style fixes.


  • New feature: Added a new option «Auto» for Width setting of all form parts to allow for a single line form layouts.
  • Improvement: Better, configurable styles for form submission preview.
  • Improvement: Better formatting of submission alert emails.
  • Improvement: Legal part now doesn’t automatically prevent form submission.
  • Improvement: Table part now inherits checkbox and radio styling.
  • Bugfix: Table part default options were misbehaving.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown part color settings were not saving.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown part marked as required stopped submit button from working in some scenarios.
  • Bugfix: Special characters were misinterpreted during submission.
  • Bugfix: Some parts were submitting undefined data.
  • Bugfix: Dropdown part was ignoring a default option setting.


  • Bugfix: email alert and confirmation options were being ignored.


  • Bugfix: A division-by-zero bug prevented table part from working correctly.


  • Bugfix: form serialized data missed URI encoding.


  • Bugfix: a missing parameter was causing an error upon activation.


  • New feature: Forms can now show an additional Review step before final submission.
  • Improvement: Previous / Next buttons in form builder got more descriptive labels.
  • Bug fix: Number part didn’t allow zero value even when 0 was set as a minimum required value.
  • Bug fix: Email part didn’t allow an empty value submitted even when field was not required.
  • Bug fix: Fixes for multiple style issues across all parts in CSS.
  • Bug fix: Welcome screen appearance on RTL layouts.
  • Bug fix: Forms and Responses were appearing in public searches and queries.


  • New feature: Redesigned dropdowns and a new setting to make Dropdown part searchable.
  • New feature: Redesigned Phone part now with country flags and a new searchable country dropdown.
  • Improvement: New shortcode view allows to directly edit a form from the editor.
  • Bug fix: Date & Time part set to show current date and time didn’t consider timezone and showed incorrect date in some cases.


  • Improvement: Form assets now get loaded only on pages containing forms.
  • Improvement: Forms now work when displayed inside the Dashboard.


  • Improvement: New default styles to provide even better visual experience.
  • Improvement: Clearer display of email alerts and confirmations in Step 2 of form configuration.
  • Bug fix: Confirmation message and Confirmation email message fields were not saving with HTML formatting.
  • Bug fix: When Legal part was present, it allowed sending empty forms without further validation.
  • Bug fix: Font size sliders in Style step were not working on a new empty form.
  • Bug fix: Various CSS fixes.
  • Bug fix: First characters in Phone values were being stripped.
  • Bug fix: forms loaded in the footer were missing required Javascript logic.
  • Bug fix: Date & Time part was showing incorrect year in the End At field when Show option was changed.


  • Bug fix: Phone number region country in masked Phone part was defaulting to first option on every load of form builder.


  • New feature: Table part.
  • Improvement: Legal part now accepts formatting with visual editor, including links and lists.
  • Improvement: Part specific styles were moved to standalone sections in Style step.
  • Improvement: Various improvements to parts CSS and compatibility with themes.
  • Bug fix: Some links in Customize screen sidebar were breaking step-by-step navigation.
  • Bug fix: Checkbox part was accepting invalid submission values.
  • Bug fix: Happyforms link in admin menu bar was returning 404.


  • Improvement: Forms are now submitted without page refresh.
  • Improvement: Submitted values are preserved after an unsuccessful submission.
  • Improvement: Added new filters for greater part rendering customization.
  • Improvement: Added new actions for integration with third party plugins and tools.
  • Improvement: Scale part now support range selection.
  • Improvement: Better management of years displayed in Date & Time part.
  • Improvement: Order of month and day fields in Date & Time part now defaults to a date format setting in WordPress.
  • Improvement: Month names in Date & Time part have been moved to an array and are now easy to translate.
  • Bug fix: Various UI glitches affected form previews in Customize screen.
  • Bug fix: Various UI glitches affected part rendering of labels and preset values.


  • Improvement: scripts and styles are now versioned to avoid cache problems after an update.
  • Bug fix: Permalinks are now flushed upon activation to avoid 404 errors.
  • Bug fix: Dropdown arrows were not clickable and didn’t reflect part value color set in Style step.


  • Improvement: Submit button state is now connected to reCaptcha result and remains disabled until reCaptcha is filled.
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with various themes.
  • Improvement: Scale part now has a colored tracker and accepts color settings for labels and value output set in Style step.
  • Improvement: Scripts are now loaded only when a form is actually present.
  • Improvement: Form and responses admin pages are now clean from any third-party plugin effects.
  • Bug fix: Add Happyforms overlay was not showing up in some page builders.
  • Bug fix: Submit button styles were changing to defaults on hover.
  • Bug fix: Various fixes related to styles.


  • Improvement: New Advanced link to reveal more advanced settings for each part and achieve cleaner look when part is first opened in form builder.
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with themes.
  • Improvement: Current user’s email address is now pre-filled in Your email address field in Step 2.
  • Bug fix: Front end placeholder behavior when «Display as placeholder» title placement is selected.
  • Bug fix: Responses screen was showing just the first letter of each submitted part.
  • Bug fix: PHP notices when Happyforms widget was added to a page in Customizer.


  • Improvement: Date part is renamed to Date & Time and offers a lot more options, including minimum and maximum value for year and hour inputs, and an option to set inputs to current date and time by default.
  • Improvement: Added option to specify the subject of email alerts sent to site owners.
  • Improvement: Email alerts now support From, Reply To and multiple CC email addresses.
  • Improvement: Address part now lets users grab their current location automatically.
  • Bug fix: Responsive behavior of Address and Date & Time form parts.
  • Bug fix: Updated code to support versions of PHP down to 5.2.4.


  • Bug fix: Part widget toggle buttons didn’t work on Firefox.
  • Bug fix: Part column widths were misbehaving on some themes.


  • New feature: Form width style control, allowing to set form width in % or px.
  • New feature: Text alignment style control to allow for changing text align in various places in forms.
  • New feature: Added support for RTL languages with Text direction control in Style step.
  • Improvement: Added filters to control default part values and success/error submission actions.
  • Bug fix: array_column wasn’t available on PHP versions prior to 5.5 and was causing a fatal error.


  • Bug fix: Powered By Happyforms appearance.


  • New feature: Parts duplication.
  • New feature: “Title placement” setting now features options for displaying title as a placeholder with smooth transition, and place the title directly in the input field.
  • New feature: Google ReCaptcha support.
  • Improved: Better templates and filter coverage.
  • Improved: Modal for adding a form to a content has been redesigned and refactored.
  • Improved: Saving a form now displays an extended “Form saved” notice that contains a guide on how to insert form to a content. This message is dismissible.
  • Improved: Parts in the Form Builder now show part title for better navigation.
  • Improved: Dropdown part with lots of options now only reveals first 5 options on load with the option to reveal them all.
  • Improved: Redesigned Style step with lots of new settings to make your forms even better looking.


  • Bug fix: an error during the example form creation was preventing plugin activation.


  • New feature: New form parts – Title, Legal, Scale.
  • New feature: Show part description in a tooltip.
  • New feature: Button for expanding and collapsing all parts in Form Builder.
  • New feature: Added “Add Happyforms” button above visual editor for easier form embeds in page content.
  • New feature: Added new fields to Single Choice part to allow for part option descriptions.
  • Improved: Better message management.
  • Improved: Country part is now Address and supports autocompletion.
  • Improved: More controls and better organization of form style options.
  • Improved: General form styles.
  • Improved: Visual editors now support hyperlinks.
  • Improved: Title placement and Width part settings can now be applied to all parts by checking a checkbox.
  • Improved: Phone is now a standalone part with improved masking.
  • Improved: Number part now supports min and max value attributes.
  • Improved: Date part now displays inputs as dropdowns and also allows for time inputs.


  • Initial release.