Helsesjekk & Feilsøking


Denne utvidelsen vil utføre et antall kontroller av din WordPress-installasjon for å oppdage vanlige konfigurasjonsfeil og kjente probemer, og også tillate utvidelser og temaer og legge til sine egne kontroller.

Feilsøkingsfanen, som viser vesentlig informasjon om din WordPress og server-konfigurasjon, og som man enkelt kan dele med hjelpetjenester for temaer, utvidelser eller på de offisielle WordPress.org support-forumene.

Troubleshooting allows you to have a clean WordPress session, where all plugins are disabled, and a default theme is used, but only for your user until you disable it or log out.

The Tools section allows you to check that WordPress files have not been tampered with, that emails can be sent, and if your plugins are compatible with any PHP version updates in the future.

For en dypere gjennomgang om effektiv bruk av utvidelsen, les gjerne WordPress.org support gruppens håndbok side om utvidelsen.

Feedback is welcome both through the WordPress.org forums, the GitHub project page, or on Slack in either #forums or #core-site-health.


  • Helsesjekk skjermbildet når de automatiske testene har gjort sitt.
  • Feilsøkingsinformasjonsn, når kopier og lim inn feltet er ekspandert.
  • Et utvalg av verktøy som kan benyttes på ditt nettsted.
  • Feilsøkingsmodus aktivert mens man ser nettstedets kontrollpanel


Jeg kommer ikke inn på nettstedet etter å ha aktivert feilsøking

Dersom du mot formidning står fast i feilsøkingsmodus, uten tilgang på nettsiden kan man komme seg ut av denen statusen ved å slette sidens informasjonskapsler (cookies).

Dersom du ikke er kjent med hvordan dette virker er det også mulig å lukke alle nettleser vinduer, eventuelt start datamaskinen på nytt, da dette også vil automatisk ta bort statusen som bestemmer om man er i feilsøkingsmodus.

The PHP compatibility says this plugin only work with PHP version X?

The plugin is made to be a support tool for as many users as possible, this means it needs code that is written for older sites as well.

Tools that check for PHP compatibility do not know how to separate this code from the real code, so it will give a false positive response.

Så langt er utvidelsen testet med alle versjoner av PHP fra 5.2 til 7.3, og virker med alle disse.

Where can I report security bugs?

The Site Health team and WordPress community take security bugs seriously. We appreciate your efforts to responsibly disclose your findings, and will make every effort to acknowledge your contributions.

To report a security issue, please visit the WordPress HackerOne program.


16. juli, 2023
I hate troubleshooting plugin conflicts, but this plugin makes the process less stressful. I can now troubleshoot and fix issues without affecting the live site, which is a massive bonus. I would highly recommend this plugin. 5*
31. mai, 2023
I installed this plugin at the recommendation of a WordPress support forum. I tried to troubleshoot and got this message. "We were unable to copy the plugin file required to enable the Troubleshooting Mode." I tried to check plugin compatibility, and all I got was "could not be determined." I checked the community forum to see if there were any solutions but most of the questions are still unanswered. I was able to get info on some parts of the site, but the two reasons I downloaded it don't function.
26. mai, 2023
I have finished the Korean translation.I just want to say thank you for developing such a good plugin.And I hope it will be translated into more languages so that many WordPress users can use it conveniently. Health Check & Troubleshooting 한국어 번역을 모두 마쳤습니다.좋은 플러그인을 개발해 주어서 고맙다는 인사를 전하고 싶습니다.그리고 보다 많은 언어로 번역되어 많은 워드프레스 사용자들이 편리하게 사용할 수 있기를 바랍니다.
8. mai, 2023
To solve a problem with a plugin I came across this. It works great and quickly found out where and with which plugin the problem was!
4. mai, 2023
This plugin is problematic; it created a critical issue on my site, and it is impossible to reversed to normal. It is impossible to use this plugin, so I deleted it from the server, but still, my site is in a troubleshooting mood. This plugin broke my site.
25. april, 2023
this plugin is a real bomb! it kept all my plugins disabled after activating the troubleshoot mode! I couldn't do anything, it prevented me for enabling any of it, and not just for myself, but everyone! I don't know if the problem is PHP 8.1 (not compatible?!), but I had to do so many things to be able to deactivate this stupid plugin! Only after adding PHP 7.4 to my server I was able to deactivate it. this is really dangerous!!!
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1.7.0 (2023-08-06)

  • General: Improved styling inconsistency between the plugin and WordPress core.
  • General: Fixed an issue with plugin translations where language strings would get mixed when using third party language plugins, or a separate profile language.
  • Troubleshooting Mode: Fixed the URL used when disabling elements and having a subdirectory installation.
  • Troubleshooting Mode: Fixed a deprecation warning when disabling troubleshooting mode on PHP version 8.3 or higher.
  • Troubleshooting Mode: Added reference on how to troubleshoot as different users when testing scenarios.
  • Tools: Fixed integration with WPTide for the PHP Compatibility checker.
  • Tools: Added a viewer that will display debug log output when enabled.
  • Tools: Added a warning to the File Integrity tester if unexpected files are mixed in with WordPress core files.
  • Tools: Added a warning if sending emails is taking longer than expected.
  • Tools: Added beta feature toggle for those who wish to test new functionality that may not be fully ready yet.
  • CLI: Fixed the CLI commands, you can now wp health-check status to your hearts content!
  • Beta feature: Added a new beta feature, making it easier for non-technical users to grab screenshots of issues on their site, and share them.

v1.6.0 (2023-03-31)

  • Improved the visual aspects of the Troubleshooting Mode Widget.
  • Improved security by hardening Troubleshooting Mode actions with security tokens (nonces).
  • Added a new tool to check .htaccess rules (where applicable).
  • Added TwentyTwenty Three to the list of default themes.
  • Added option to install the latest classic (non Site Editor-focused) default theme if no default theme exists.
  • Added a new security confirmation prompt in Troubleshooting Mode, if a security token (nonce) value is either expired, or missing.
  • Added better documentation around reporting security concerns.
  • Fixed a bug where notices from previous Troubleshooting sessions would show up in a new session, which is just confusing.