Hello Dolly


Dette er ikke bare en utvidelse, den symboliserer håpet og entusiasmen til en hel generasjon, oppsummert i to ord sunget av den berømte Lous Armstrong: Hello, Dolly. Når den er aktivert vil du se tilfeldig se en strofe fra Hello, Dolly i øvre høyre hjørne av din admin-skjerm på alle sider.

Takk til Sanjib Ahmad for kunstverket.


No puedo creer que escriban con tanta ignorancia

I can not believe they write so ignorantly Read More Leer Mas... @aidagarmo ¿ misogino ? ahahaha, or jajajaja @dkempton Un poco de cultura te va a venir bien... A little culture will be good for you ... Contemporaneo ? eso es no tiene lugar en el recuerdo. Quizas deberias saber que este plugin es un clasico de WP Contemporary? that is, there is no place in the memory. Maybe you should know that this plugin is a classic WP Palabras finales, WP es un producto gratis, es como un regalo que te brindan con un hermoso envoltorio y una linda tarjeta de felicitaciones.. Si quieres puedes tirar el agregado y quedarte solo con el regalo, pero no critiques el envoltorio o la tarjeta, no seas ingrato. Final words, WP is a free product, it is like a gift that you are given with a beautiful wrapper and a nice greeting card. If you want you can throw the aggregate and stay alone with the gift, but do not criticize the envelope or the card, do not be ungrateful.


Created an account to review this. I manage a website for a government organization with wordpress. It's not great but it was free and given to them, cause government stuff. Regardless, after reading the comments I am pretty upset you are adding useless plugins to WordPress by default. Please stop, don't be like Microsoft, installing pup's left and right, thanks.

Let it go

Time to let Hello Dolly go. I'm in that generation, and it means nothing to me. If you must, replace it with something more contemporary. And if I delete it, please do not reinstall it with the next WP update.

Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Automattic/Matt Mullenweg boosting his image through chicanery. This is very bad form. Wish there were a 0 star rating to give it
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