Jetpack Beskytt


Gratis daglig gjennomsøking etter skadevare og WordPress-sikkerhet. Jetpack utnytter den omfattende databasen til WPScan, et varmerke fra Automattic, og som har over 25 000 registrerte skadevarer og sårbarheter. Ingen konfigurering nødvendig!


Jetpack Beskytt er en gratis og viktig WordPress sikkerhetsutvidelse som gjennomsøker nettstedet ditt og varsler om sårbarheter, holder nettstedet ditt ett skritt foran sikkerhetstrusler. Den er enkel å bruke, oppsettet krver bare få klikk!

By upgrading Protect, you also unlock malware scanning with one-click fixes for most issues and instant notifications when threats are detected. Our automated Web Application Firewall (WAF) also protects your site from bad actors around the clock.

Jetpack Protect is created by WordPress experts; our parent company Automattic is behind Jetpack,, WooCommerce, WPScan, and much more. There is no better company to understand the security needs of WordPress sites.


Jetpack Beskytt gjennomsøker nettstdete ditt daglig og varsler deg om:
– Version til installert WordPress og enhver tilknyttet sårbarhet
– Hvilke utvidelser som er installert og enhver relatert sårbarhet
– Hvilke teaner som er installert og enhver tilknyttet sårbarhet

Hva er sårbarheter? Hvorfor trenger jeg å gjennomsløke nettstdete mitt jevnlig?

Site vulnerabilities are flaws in a website’s code that weaken the site’s overall security. These can be introduced to a site in various ways, in most cases unintentionally.

Some of the ways vulnerabilities can be introduced to a site are:
– Poorly written site code
– Plugin and theme bugs
– WordPress version bugs
– System misconfigurations

If a bad actor detects a vulnerability on your site, they can exploit it to access sensitive information, update your site, and more to damage your business or brand.

That’s why it’s essential to use a reputable and reliable vulnerability & malware site scanner like Jetpack Protect to safeguard your site.

Can I use Jetpack Scan to fix a site that is already infected?

Jetpack Protect (Scan) detects and prevents attacks, but is not designed to fully clean up sites infected before it was active. If your site has malware, take immediate action to clean it up and remove the malicious code.

To clean up your site, we suggest using a malware removal tool, or if possible restore from a backup taken before the infection. We recommend using Jetpack VaultPress Backup in conjunction with Jetpack Scan to secure your website.

Learn more about cleaning your site


By upgrading Protect, you unlock total site security from WordPress experts:
– Automated daily malware scanning in addition to vulnerability checks
– One-click fixes for most issues
– Web Application Firewall (WAF) with automatic rule updates
– Instant email notifications when threats are detected
– Priority support from WordPress experts

Hva er skadevare? Hvorfor trenger jeg å beskytte mot det?

Malware is malicious code or software that has been created by bad actors to disrupt, damage, or gain access to your site. There are many ways that malware can get onto your WordPress site. The most common method is through attackers using vulnerable plugins or themes to install malware.

Similar to the vulnerabilities listed above, bad actors can use malware to capture sensitive information, damage your site, and harm your business or brand.

Jetpack Beskytt informerer deg øyeblikkelig om nye truseler blir oppdaget, med ettklikks rettelser for de fleste problemer.

Hva er en webapplikasjonsbrannmur (WAF)?

En webapplikasjonsbrannmur blokerer trafikk og ondsinnede forespørsler til nettstedet ditt fra kjente angripere.

As threats are detected, new rules are added to Jetpack Protect’s firewall, which provides around-the-clock protection for your WordPress site.


WordPress security is something that evolves over time. Jetpack Protect leverages the extensive database of WPScan, an Automattic brand. All vulnerabilities are entered into our database by dedicated WordPress security professionals and updated constantly as new information becomes available.


There’s nothing to configure – the setup process is as easy as:
1. Install and activate the plugin
2. Set up it with one click.

After you activate the plugin, Jetpack Protect will run daily automatic malware scans on your WordPress site and update you on vulnerabilities associated with your installed plugins, themes, and WordPress core.


Dette er bare begynnelsen!

We are working hard to bring more features and improvements to Jetpack Protect. Let us know your thoughts and ideas!



  • Fokuser på å drive din virksomhet mens Jetack Beskytt gjennomsøker nettstedet ditt.
  • Hold nettstdete ditt ett skritt foran sikkerhetstrusler og skadevare.
  • Se alle sårbarheter som er funnet på nettstdet ditt og lør hvordanrette dem.
  • The Jetpack Firewall is a web application firewall (known as WAF) designed to protect your WordPress site from malicious requests.


Hvordan hjelper Jetpack Beskytt med din WordPress nettstedsikkerhet?

Beskytt er en gratis WordPress-utvidelse med sikkerhets- og skadevareskanner som gjennomsøker nettstedet ditt og lar deg få vite om mulige skadevare- og sikkerhetstrusler i dine installerte utvidelser, temaer og kjernefiler.

Gratispakken gjennomsøker nettstedet ditt for WorPress-versjon, utvidelse- og temasårbarheter fra vår omfattende sårbarhetsdatabase (38 393) som er drevet av WPScan.

By upgrading Protect, you gain access to WordPress malware scanning with one-click fixes, instant threat notifications, and our Web application Firewall (WAF) that protects your site around the clock.

Krever denne utvidelsen Jetpack for å virke?

Jetpack Beskytt krever ikke utvidelsen Jetpack for å kjøre og sikre nettstedet ditt.

What are the differences between Jetpack Protect, Jetpack Scan, and WPScan plugins?

Jetpack Protect is a new WordPress security plugin from Jetpack containing our security features only. You can start with Jetpack Protect’s free vulnerability scanning features and upgrade Jetpack Protect to access automated malware scanning and our web application firewall. By upgrading Protect, you are enabling Jetpack Scan to the plugin.

Jetpack Scan is a product that can be purchased for use in conjunction with the main Jetpack plugin or Jetpack Protect. Jetpack Scan includes automated malware scanning and our web application firewall but does not contain the vulnerability scanning feature from the Protect plugin. If you purchase Jetpack Security or Jetpack Complete, Jetpack Scan is also included in those bundles.

If you are already a Jetpack Scan, Jetpack Security, or Jetpack Complete customer, you can also take advantage of Jetpack Protect’s vulnerability scanning feature by installing the Jetpack Protect plugin.

WPScan is an enterprise vulnerability scanning solution. It is not recommended for small to medium-sized businesses. If you are an enterprise company looking for custom WordPress site protection solutions, please visit:

For small to medium-sized businesses, you can access our vulnerability scanning solution in the Jetpack Protect plugin.

Will Jetpack Protect work on my local site?

Jetpack Protect requires a publicly accessible site to perform the vulnerability scan.

How will I know if Jetpack Protect has found WordPress security vulnerabilities and malware?

You can visit Jetpack Protect dashboard in your WordPress admin panel to see the security threats and malware found by the integrated malware scanner.

What do I do if Jetpack Protect finds a security threat?

When the vulnerability scanner finds a security threat, you can view the recommended actions on the Jetpack Protect dashboard to secure your sites.

If you have upgraded Protect, your site will also be automatically scanned for malware each day, and you will be notified instantly via email if any threats are detected. You will be able to fix most issues in one click.

Can I set the time of the daily security scan?

It is not possible to set a time for the automated daily scans run by the integrated malware scanner.

Why do I need WordPress security and malware scan?

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Jetpack Protect scans your site and lets you know possible malware and security threats on your installed plugins, themes, and core files.

Where can I learn more about WordPress security and malware threats?

To learn how to achieve better WordPress security, see this guide. On the Jetpack Blog, you can find many more articles written by the top WordPress security experts.

Er Jetpack Beskytt samme ting som Beskytt-funksjonen i utvidelsen Jetpack?

Den nye utvidelsen Jetpack Beskytt er forskjellig fra den Jetpack.fuksjonen tidligere kjent som Beskytt (nå omdøpt til Råkraft-angrepsbeskyttelse).


10. mai, 2023
I love how Jetpack is on top of any and all security threats that my website encounters and the pricing plans are very affordable and Jetpack delivers on what they say each plan will provide you with to help strengthen and protect your website.
18. april, 2023 1 svar
Jetpack protect is really great. It catches all those disgusting spammers and checks everything for me since I'm not a techie. Love it.
11. april, 2023
I don't have to do lots of maintenance, which is a pleasant relief.
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1.4.0 – 2023-05-05


  • Add brute force protection.


  • General: indicate full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, 6.2.
  • Improve the firewall status heading to provide more information based on the current configuration.
  • Updated package dependencies.