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The Shutterstock plugin for WordPress allows you to access our exceptional, royalty-free content directly from WordPress. You can search Shutterstock’s library, download images directly to the WordPress media library, put preview images on pages and posts, and license, download, and post images and editorial content without leaving the WordPress page editor. By helping streamline your workflow at the point of production and publishing, you can get your message to market more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The Shutterstock plugin takes the complexity out of creativity and saves time, whether you’re creating a draft or publishing a full article.

  • Connect your Shutterstock account in minutes
  • Search across 350 million creative images and editorial photos
  • Preview visuals within your WordPress post
  • License with one click directly within WordPress
  • Define user permissions for each WordPress role to define varying levels of access to Shutterstock
  • Get Smart Image Recommendations based on your post content automatically
  • Access previously licensed content from within the Media Library and redownload on-demand
  • Access Premier support any time

By default, WordPress sites have access to a limited library of Shutterstock media. To connect the WordPress plugin to your existing subscription or access our full collection, fill out the form at

This plugin uses the Shutterstock API. For more information, see


  • Search for images and insert them into pages and posts
  • Get recommendations based on the text on the page or post


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By default, WordPress sites have access to a limited library of Shutterstock media. To connect the WordPress plugin to your existing subscription or access our full collection, fill out the form at

To install the Shutterstock plugin for WordPress, you need an API application for the Shutterstock API. You can create an application at

The plugin works only with API applications that have referrer authentication enabled. In your application, you must specify the host names on which your WordPress site runs.

To add referrer authentication to your app:

  1. Go to
  2. Create or edit an app you want to use with the plugin.
  3. In the Referrer field, specify a comma-separated list of host names that the WordPress server runs on.
    You can specify «localhost» as a referrer for local testing.
  4. Make sure that each referrer host name is also listed in the Callback URL field.
  5. Save the app and note the consumer key and consumer secret.

To set up the plugin in WordPress, you also need:

  • WordPress version 5.5 or later
  • An account on the WordPress server with administrator access
  • A Shutterstock subscription that is enabled for API use; see Subscriptions in the Shutterstock API documentation.


To install the Shutterstock plugin for WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress as a user with the Administrator role.
  2. In the WordPress admin console, click Plugins > Add New.
  3. In the Add Plugins window, search for the Shutterstock plugin, click Install Now, and then click Activate.

    As an alternative, you can download the latest release of the plugin from and install it manually by going to the Add Plugins window, clicking Upload Plugin, selecting the plugin file, clicking Install Now, and then clicking Activate Plugin.

  4. In the WordPress admin console, go to Settings > Shutterstock.

  5. Put your API application’s consumer key in the API Key field and its consumer secret in the API Secret field.
  6. Click Log in with Shutterstock and log in with the user name and password of the Shutterstock account that you want to use to access the Shutterstock media library. Now the plugin has a token that it can use to access the library.

  7. In the Editorial Country field, enter the three-character country code for editorial content, such as USA or DEU.

  8. In the User Settings table, select which WordPress roles have access to search and license media.
  9. Click Save Changes.

Adding media to the WordPress library

You can search and download media directly from the WordPress admin console into your site’s media library by clicking Media > Shutterstock. From this page you can search for images, license images, and redownload previously licensed images if your subscriptions allows redownloads.

Adding media to pages and posts

Now that you have the Shutterstock plugin installed and configured, you can use it to add Shutterstock media to your pages and posts:

  1. Open a post or page in the WordPress editor.
  2. Add a Shutterstock block.

  3. In the new block, click Browse.

  4. In the popup window, search Shutterstock’s library for media to add.
    You can click View recommendations to see suggested images based on the text of your blog post or page.

    You can also go to the Downloads tab to see images that you have already licensed.
    The images that are available for redownload depend on the subscription that the plugin is using; to connect the plugin to your subscription, fill out the form at

  5. To try a piece of media in your page, click its Insert Preview button. WordPress adds a watermarked preview of the image to your page.

  6. To license the image and put the non-watermarked image on the page, click License this image, select your plan and size, and click License. The Shutterstock plugin downloads the media to the default media upload folder for WordPress. You can see the image in the WordPress Media tab.

  7. In the block settings, update the alt text and dimensions of the image. Other block settings allow you to set HTML attributes including the title, anchor, and class.

  8. Publish the page as usual. The image appears on the page just like any other image that you add to a page.


15. januar, 2022
PHP 8.1 WP 5.8.3 (not supported yet?) Fatal error on save with block editor, as reported on support. The problem was «just» a warning on previous PHP, reported and identified weeks ago, still no reaction. No active support here.
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  • Update to support WordPress 6.0


  • Filter only downloadable licenses on the «Downloads» section


  • Update package dependencies


  • Update to support WordPress 5.9


    • Bug fixes related to PHP warnings


  • Update to Shutterstock UI 2.0 & Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes related to WP VIP


  • Bug fixes related to Screen options


  • Documentation updates


  • Bug fixes related to language settings


  • Documentation updates


  • Documentation updates


  • Added Shutterstock Tab to Media Library (Media > Shutterstock)


  • Documentation updates


  • Updated readme
  • Improvements and bugfixes


  • Introduced smart image recommendations and license history with re-download functionality


  • Add translations


  • Initial version