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Blokker kan nå være slyngete og beroligende med Bølgeblokken.


As this is part of a series of block experiments, the latest version of the Gutenberg Plugin is required.

Source and Support

You can follow development, file an issue, suggest features, and view the source at the Github repo:


  • Bølgeblokk by Automattic.
  • Gradienter i bevegelse
  • Use the colors from your theme.
  • Adjust the complexity of the waves.


Denne utvidelsen gir 1 blokk.

  • Waves Blocks can now be sinuous and soothing with the Waves Block.


13. oktober, 2020
Like the title of my review - The plugin is okay, but as always description sucks a lot - users can't even imagine what and how this plugin will do. Please - in the future think about making "less magic more sense" descriptions.
12. august, 2020
It's a bit busy, so would need to use it sparingly, but wow, that's a pretty impressive set of fluid movements. PolyWogg
21. mai, 2020 2 svar
It works perfectly, but at least for me it requires a lot of resources. On a page that I had a Cover block with a video background, the video became choppy, as well as scrolling up and down the page with a mouse scroll. If the performance issues get fixed this would be a 5 star plugin, and I would use it religiously, as I have not seen anything like it !
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1.0.1 – 3rd August 2020

  • Fix error when double selecting a color
  • Minor performance improvements

1.0.0 – 22nd May 2020

  • Initial release