White Label CMS


The White Label CMS plugin is for developers who want to give their clients a more personalised and less confusing content management system.

For a overview of the changes in 2.0 version of the plugin please visit the Video User Manuals website.


  • Customize the login page
  • Add your branding to the header and footer
  • Customize the dashboard
  • Control which menus appear for your client
  • Setting up a customized dashboard can be done in seconds using the White Label CMS Wizard

Customize The Login Page

Impress your clients with a branded login page. Add yours or your client’s logo, add a background image and even control the CSS if you wish. Personalising the back end of WordPress will give your client the feeling that this is their website, not a generic website.

Add Your Branding to the Header and Footer

Stay top of mind with your client by adding your branding to the admin bar, menu or footer.

Customize the Dashboard

Are you tired of telling your clients to ignore everything on the Dashboard, but then still receive questions because they’re confused or have broken something?

With White Label CMS you can clear everything from the dashboard and add in your own dashboard panel. You can even add your own RSS feed so your clients can be kept up to date with what you are doing in your business. Which is much more relevant to your client than where and when the next WordPress Meetup is.

Add your own welcome dashboard, and now you can use an Elementor or Beaver Builder template to make it look beautiful.

Control with Menus Appear for Your Client

We have created a new feature called the White Label CMS admin which allows you to hide menus for other users. Setup is simple and gives clients admin access with some restrictions making it harder for them to stumble across settings and mess up the site.

Setup a Site in Seconds Using the Wizard

Setting up a customized dashboard is easy and quick using the White Label CMS Wizard. With just a few clicks, you can add your branding and your client’s details and be up and running in seconds.

There is so much that you can do with White Label CMS, but we want the experience to be simple. The Wizard allows you to set up a clutter-free, customized dashboard without having to scroll through all of the options that are available to you.


  • An example of how your clients dashboard could look
  • White Label CMS Setting: Branding
  • White Label CMS Setting: Login
  • White Label CMS Setting: Dashboard
  • White Label CMS Setting: Menus
  • White Label CMS Setting: Settings
  • An example of a custom login


  1. Download the White Label CMS plugin
  2. Upload it to your plugins directory
  3. Go to the plugins directory and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Settings->White Label CMS and use the menu system to change the default values.


Who is this plugin for?

For developers who handover websites to their clients and use WordPress as a CMS.

How do I add links to my own panel?

Your custom panel accepts html, so just write the markup as you normally would in html.

How do you recommend using this plugin?

We have been using this for a number of months now, and we have found clients respond best when it is set up in the following fashion:

  • Use the clients logo for the login (it gives the CMS a bit of a wow factor!)
  • Use the clients logo in the header
  • Use your own logo in the footer, and place a link back to your website
  • Remove all panels from the dashboard (they have a lot of information that just confuses the client)
  • Add your own panel. Personalise the experience for your client by welcoming them to their website. Provide links to the most relevant elements in the CMS. Provide a link back to your support system if you have one.

Feature Requests

Got a feature request for WLCMS, let us know here.


19. mars, 2021
I used this a couple of years ago and found it quite useless, the settings were better to modify in a simple plugin instead — but now it's totally different! No nags about premium features nor other upsells, just the simple options to customize the look and feel and also remove "difficult" features for my clients. However, I would love to be able to specify which role the "Hide menus" affects. I usually set my clients to use the Administrator role, and with an own plugin hide options — I also let them enable the "Advanced options" on their own profile page (with a disclaimer).
20. desember, 2020
Perfect, just what I needed. Very easy to use and easy to customize. Great customizable options.
13. desember, 2020
Never thought I'd need a plugin like this until I watched a Youtube vlogger describing how you can modify a lot of things in the WordPress dashboard EASILY by installing a plugin. This heaven-sent plugin must be created by angels disguised as developers.
13. november, 2020
While I was thinking about how I can somewhat customize my client's website and hide traces of WordPress, I found this plugin. It's such an amazing plugin for doing simple modifications to hide the traces of WordPress in the login screen and dashboard. I can personalize certain colors in both the login screen and dashboard. If I was to suggest any improvements, I would suggest there to be a way to pick transparent colors. Another would be a way to hide this plugin in the plugin section. Finally, there should be a way to hide other options in the Admin Front-End Bar when looking at the website, while logged in the WordPress backend (certain options like "Edit with Elementor" and "Purge SG Cache" in the Admin Bar Front-End can't be removed from the options in White Label CMS). But this is an amazing plugin. Hope development continues.
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  • WooCommerce Analytics menu patch
  • Side Menu Link URL opening in a new tab when external link was added. Requested by @Kosta X
  • WordPress 5.6.2 tested