In the WordPress open source project, we realize that our biggest asset is the community that we foster. The project, as a whole, follows these basic philosophical principles from The Cathedral and The Bazaar.

  • Bidrag til åpen kildekodeprosjektet WordPress er et gode for hele WordPress-fellesskapet, ikke en bestemt virksomhet eller bestemte individer. Alle handlinger som gjøres som bidragsyter bør gjøres med tanke på det beste for fellesskapet.
  • Deltakelse i åpen kildekodeprosjektet WordPress er åpen for alle som ønsker å bli med, uansett evner, ferdigheter, finansiell status eller andre kriterier.
  • The WordPress open source project is a volunteer-run community. Even in cases where contributors are sponsored by companies, that time is donated for the benefit of the entire open source community.
  • Any member of the community can donate their time and contribute to the project in any form including design, code, documentation, community building, etc. For more information, go to
  • The WordPress open source community cares about diversity. We strive to maintain a welcoming environment where everyone can feel included, by keeping communication free of discrimination, incitement to violence, promotion of hate, and unwelcoming behavior.

There is a project currently underway to create a project-wide code of conduct so that we can ensure the safety of our contributors.

Meetings are conducted in the #community-team Slack channel, and minutes published on the Make Community blog.