Akismet Spam Protection


Akismet sjekker dine kommentarer og insendinger fra kontaktskjema opp mot vår globale database over spam for å beskytte ditt nettsted mot å publisere uønsket eller skadelig innhold. Du kan vurdere den spam den fanger på admin-panelet «Kommentarer» på ditt eget nettsted.

Hovedegenskapene i Aksimet inkluderer:

  • Sjekker automatisk alle kommentarer og filtrerer bort de som ser ut som spam.
  • Alle kommentarer har en status-historikk slik at du lett kan se hvilke kommentarer som ble fanget av Akismet og hvilke som ble merket som spam av en moderartor.
  • URL-er vises i kommentar-innholdet for å avsløre skjulte eller villedende lenker.
  • Moderatorer kan se antall godkjente kommentarer for hver enkelt bruker.
  • En forkastelsesmekanisme som helt og holdent blokkerer den aller verste spammen, sparer deg for diskplass og gjør ditt nettsted raskere.

PS: You’ll be prompted to get an Akismet.com API key to use it, once activated. Keys are free for personal blogs; paid subscriptions are available for businesses and commercial sites.


Upload the Akismet plugin to your blog, activate it, and then enter your Akismet.com API key.

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7. juni, 2022
Recently added and definitely caught a lot of spam contact us coming through.
2. juni, 2022
This plugin pretty helpful to handle spam comment. One of the problems here is that sometimes the system identifies spam comments that shouldn't be. Some of my friends have commented on my site and it is considered spam, and even when I try to reply to comments on my own website it is also considered spam, this is shocking. I hope that in future updates, detection is smarter and not all comments are considered spam. I think this needs to be fixed so that the effectiveness of the plugin is working properly.
26. mai, 2022
Everything was resolved in a timely and courteous manner. Thanks for the great service.
22. mai, 2022
I was not sure if I needed another key or if I could use the same one. I got a fast response which solved my dilemma. Thank you.
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Release Date – 20 May 2022

  • Improved translator instructions for comment history.
  • Bumped the «Tested up to» tag to WP 6.0.


Release Date – 25 April 2022

  • Improved compatibility with Fluent Forms
  • Fixed missing translation domains
  • Updated stats URL.
  • Improved accessibility of elements on the config page.


Release Date – 24 January 2022

  • Improved compatibility with Formidable Forms
  • Fixed a bug that could cause issues when multiple contact forms appear on one page.
  • Updated delete_comment and deleted_comment actions to pass two arguments to match WordPress core since 4.9.0.
  • Added a filter that allows comment types to be excluded when counting users’ approved comments.


Release Date – 1 October 2021

  • Fixed a bug causing AMP validation to fail on certain pages with forms.


Release Date – 30 September 2021

  • Added links to additional information on API usage notifications.
  • Reduced the number of network requests required for a comment page when running Akismet.
  • Improved compatibility with the most popular contact form plugins.
  • Improved API usage buttons for clarity on what upgrade is needed.


Release Date – 3 September 2021

  • Fixed «Use of undefined constant» notice.
  • Improved styling of alert notices.


Release Date – 23 August 2021

  • Added support for Akismet API usage notifications on Akismet settings and edit-comments admin pages.
  • Added support for the deleted_comment action when bulk-deleting comments from Spam.


Release Date – 6 July 2021

  • Simplified the code around checking comments in REST API and XML-RPC requests.
  • Updated Plus plan terminology in notices to match current subscription names.
  • Added rel="noopener" to the widget link to avoid warnings in Google Lighthouse.
  • Set the Akismet JavaScript as deferred instead of async to improve responsiveness.
  • Improved the preloading of screenshot popups on the edit comments admin page.


Release Date – 2 March 2021

  • Improved handling of pingbacks in XML-RPC multicalls


Release Date – 6 January 2021

  • Fixed missing fields in submit-spam and submit-ham calls that could lead to reduced accuracy.
  • Fixed usage of deprecated jQuery function.


Release Date – 22 October 2020

  • Show the «Set up your Akismet account» banner on the comments admin screen, where it’s relevant to mention if Akismet hasn’t been configured.
  • Don’t use wp_blacklist_check when the new wp_check_comment_disallowed_list function is available.


Release Date – 4 June 2020

  • Disable «Check for Spam» button until the page is loaded to avoid errors with clicking through to queue recheck endpoint directly.
  • Added filter «akismet_enable_mshots» to allow disabling screenshot popups on the edit comments admin page.

For older changelog entries, please see the additional changelog.txt file delivered with the plugin.